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Wafer cleaning protocol:MOST

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This protocol is for wafer cleaning. Wafer no matter made of silicon or sapphire should be cleaned to remove chemical residuals and other interface defects before deposition.

Cleaning procedures[edit]



  • 50ml empty beaker * 6
  • stainless tweezers *2, Teflon wafer holders
  • Thermometer(0-200C or above)
  • Ultrasonic bath with heaters


  • 69% HNO3 36% HCl, methanol, toluene, DI water

c.Engineering controls:

  • Conduct procedure in ventilated fume hood.
  • Work area must contain an eye wash and safety shower with unobstructed asscess

d.Personal protective equipment:

  • Trionic gloves on top of nitrile gloves, apron, goggles, acid sleeves, and face-shield


a.Prepare the following solutions 30ml each in 200ml beaker

  • 1.Toluene
  • 2.Methanol*2
  • 3.DI water
  • 4.HNO3+HCl (1:3)

b.Procedures developed for cleaning

  • 1.Toluene 100C 15min in ultrasonic bath
  • 2.Methanol rinse
  • 3.Methanol 100C 5min in ultrasonic bath
  • 4.DI water rinse and N2 flow
  • 5.68% HNO3 : 36% HCl = 1:3 130C 15min.
  • 6.DI water rinse and N2 flow