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Commercial Orbital Shaker Spec Sheet[edit | edit source]

Name Price Speed Orbit Capacity Timer Website
VWR® Standard Orbital Shaker, Model 1000 $1,177 40-300rpm 15mm 8lbs N/A [1]
VWR® Standard Orbital Shaker, Model 3500 $1,870 25-500rpm 19mm 35lbs 1 to 120min [2]
VWR® Standard Orbital Shaker, Model 5000 $4,326 25-500rpm 25mm 50lbs 1 to 120min [3]
VWR® Advanced Orbital Shaker, Model 3500 $2,420 15-500rpm 19mm 35lbs 1sec to 160hours [4]
VWR® Advanced Orbital Shaker, Model 5000 $4,567 25-500rpm 25mm 50lbs 1sec to 160hours [5]
VWR® Advanced Orbital Shakers, Model 10000 $6,028 15-500rpm 25mm 100lbs 1sec to 160hours [6]
VWR® Mini Shakers 15 $1,692 40-300rpm 15mm 8lbs 1sec to 160hours [7]
VWR® Rocking Platform shaker TBA 1-50rpm(rocking) Tilt angle 0-15 degree 10lbs 1sec to 160hours [8]
VWR® 3-D Rotator Waver TBA 1-30rpm(waving) Tilt angle 0-20 degree 5lbs 1sec to 160hours [9]
Barnstead/Lab-Line Economical Orbital Shakers, Thermo Scientific $1,425 40-200rpm 19mm 11lbs N/A [10]
Barnstead/Lab-Line Lab Rotators, Adjustable Speed, Thermo Scientific $1,175 40-220rpm 19mm 10lbs N/A [11]
Heidolph® Rotamax 120 Orbital Shaker, Brinkmann® $2,081 20–300rpm 20mm 4.4lbs 1 to 120min [12]
Heidolph® Unimax Orbital Shakers, Brinkmann® $2,959 30–500rpm 10mm 11lbs 1 to 999min [13]
KS 130 Orbital Shakers, IKA® Works $2,493 80–800rpm 4.4lbs 5 to 50min [14]
MaxQ™ 2000 Benchtop Open-Air Platform Shakers, Thermo Scientific $2,022(Analog), $2,802(Digital) 40–400rpm(Analog), 15-500rpm(Digital) 19mm 35lbs 1 to 60min [15]
MaxQ™ HP 416 Open Air Bench Top Orbital Shaker, Thermo Scientific $4,458 25-525rpm 25mm 32lbs 1ming to 199hours [16]
Orbital Flatbed Platform Shaker, PSU-10i, Grant Instruments $1,406 50-450rpm 10mm 6.6lbs 1min to 96hours [17]
Orbital Multi-Platform Shaker, PSU-20i, Grant Instruments $3,406 20-250rpm 20mm 17.6lbs 1min to 96hours [18]
Orbital-Genie™ Large Capacity Orbital Shaker, Scientific Industries $2,575-$3,358 10-300rpm 35mm 26lbs 1min to 99hours [19]
Polymax 1040 Platform Shaker, Wave, Heidolph North America $2,798 2-50rpm(wave) Tilt angle 10 degree 11lbs 1min to 120min [20]