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Jephias Gwamuri


I obtained my PhD in Material Science and Engineering from Michigan Tech. My Ph.D. research was aimed at exploiting plasmonics and photonics to design and fabricate plasmonic - metamaterial based solar cells. The project aimed to explore the extent to which it is possible to manage solar radiation efficiently using plasmonic metamaterial perfect absorbers integrated in hydrogenated amorphous silicon (a-Si:H)-based solar photovoltaic devices. This knowledge will contribute to increasing the efficiency and lowering the cost of production of solar cells. The project also included aspects of Solar PV devices fabrication, designing of open source ellipsometer and four point probe stations as well as off-grid and grid connected PV system designing and optimization.

I have been a member of Professor Joshua Pearce's Michigan Tech's Open Sustainability Technology [MOST] Research Group since August 2012. My specialties include thin film characterization using Variable Angle Spectroscopy Ellipsometry (WVASE32 and completeEASY), Four Point Probe (4PP)systems, Scanning Electron Microscopy (FESEM/SEM), Atomic Force Microscopy and Profilometer techniques. My current skills also include thin film growth techniques using PECVD, PVD ( e-beam evaporation and sputter deposition systems), semiconductor/micro-fabrication processing, clean room techniques and 3D printing.


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Research Interests:[edit]

  • Solar PV Conversion Efficiency,
  • Plasmonics & Metamaterials in Photovoltaics,
  • Transparent Conducting Oxides (TCO (ITO, ZnO, AZO))growth techniques & characterization
  • PV Systems Design and Optimization
  • 3D Printing, Open Source Hardware and Appropriate Technology
  • Snow effect on PV systems project, http://www.mtukrc.org/weather.htm
  • 3D Printing of Solar Cell
  • Renewable Energy Technologies and Energy Efficiency
  • System engineering and integration

Research Activities, Tools used & Skills[edit]

Film growth/fabrication processes

  • e-beam deposition- Federick system EB 12
  • Thermal evaporation-Denton Vacuum E502
  • Sputter deposition- Kurt J. Lesker Co (R301/MC2),Kurt J. Lesker Co utility sputter(ATX-600/RFX-600), Perkin-Elmer 2400 series
  • PECVD cluster tool deposition for a-Si:H. - MVSystems.Inc
  • Self-assembling Silver(Ag)nano-particles
  • PV systems data monitoring and analysis

Thin film characterization

  • 4 Point Probe measurements:- Lucas Lab Pro 4, MTU open-source 4-Point Probe system
  • Thickness measurements:- Veeco Dektak 150 profilometer,Ellipsometry
  • Ellipsometry characterization:- M2000 FI-ESM-200AXY SE, M2000 DI SE, VU-302 VUV VASE, VB-250 VASE, IR VASE
  • Film morphology and compositional analysis:- JEOL 6400 SEM, Hitachi S4700 FE-SEM, FB2000 FIB, XRD

Solar PV devices characterization

  • QE measurements-QEX10 PV Measurements, Inc"
  • I-V measurements-Solar Simulator

Current Projects[edit]

  • Optimization of Silver (Ag) nano-particles
  • Fabrication of a-Si:H cells (PECVD)
  • Characterization of a-Si:H cells (QE and I_V).
  • Ag nanoparticles integration on a-Si:H cells and device characterization.
  • 3D-Printers.
  • Snow effect on PV systems study

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Articles Under Review/Accepted/In-print[edit]

  • Ambient-dependent Agglomeration and Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Response of Self-Assemble Silver Nano-particles for Plasmonic Photovoltaic Devices. J. Phot. Energy

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Fig 1:MTU PhD Research Fellow (Jephias Gwamuri) with DNV.KEMA Energy & Sustainability Principal Engineer, Solar (Tim Townsend) & Pete after system installation at KRC.  
Fig 2:DNV.GL & MTU-KRC System:System: Effect of snow vs panel angle and ground elevation project  
Fig 3:DNV.GL & MTU-KRC System  
Fig 4:DNV.GL & MTU-KRC System  
Fig 5:DNV.GL & MTU-KRC System  
Fig 6:MTU-KRC System: Solar Tracking system vs panel material type.  
Fig 7:MTU-KRC System  
Fig 8:MTU-KRC System  
Fig 9:MTU-KRC System  
Fig 10:MTU-KRC System  
Fig 11:MTU-KRC System  
Fig 12:Solar Cell Nanotechnology Book  
Fig 13:PVIC sputter system  
Fig 14:PVIC sputter system  
Fig 15:MTU MBE system  
Fig 16:Log.bk1  
Fig 17:log.bk2  
Fig 18:MVSystem(PL2&LL)  
Fig 19:MVSystem_ctrl_modules  
Fig 20:MVSystem_PL3(p-layer)  
Fig 21:MVSystem_RTSE  
Fig 22:MVsystem-Ctrl  
Fig 23:Process_para  
Fig 24:Process_param  
Fig 25:Process_parameters  
Fig 26:Thin_Silicon_lab  
Fig 27:Lab_safety(PVIC,Toledo)  
Fig 28:MOST delta 3D printer  
Fig 29:Spool_holder  
Fig 30:Owl  
Fig 31:Rockwall project  
Fig 32:Rockwall_10%_density1  
Fig 33:Rockwall_10%_density2  
Fig 34:Rockwall_10%_density3  
Fig 35:Rockwall_10%_density4  
Fig 36:Rockwall_10%_density5  
Fig 37:Celtic_cross Door Handle Plate  
Fig 38:Chicken Feed Holder (assembled)  
Fig 39:Chicken Feed Holde(single print)  
Fig 40:Chicken Feed Holder (bottom )  
Fig 41:Chicken Feed Holder(top_part)  
Fig 42:Solar powered Delta_Side view  
Fig 43:Solar powered Delta_top view  
Fig 43:Solar powered Delta_bottom-up view