This outlines how to install the drivers for an Arduino board (open source microcontroller) on a computer. These instruction are specifically for installing the Arduino Mega 2560 but will be similar for other Ardiuno boards.

Instructions[edit | edit source]

Ubuntu Linux

A step-by-step guide with screenshots can be found at


These instruction were created for Windows XP and Windows 7 operating systems but may be similar for other versions of Windows.

General installation instructions can be found on the Arduino website at

  1. Download the Arduino software at
  2. Connect the Arduino board to the computer with USB cable
  3. The computer will automatically attempt to detect the driver software but will be unsuccessful.
  4. After the computer fails to detect drivers, go to Control Panel, select System, and then select Device Manager
  5. From the Device Manager screen you should see "Arduino Mega 2560" show up under "Other Devices"
  6. Right click "Arduino Mega 2560" and select "Update Driver Software"
  7. When the driver search screen comes up, select the option to browse for driver software
  8. On the next screen, click "Browse" and navigate to the Arduino software folder. Click on the "drivers" folder but do not navigate to any subfolders
  9. Click "Ok" to close the browse screen and then click "Next" to install the drivers
  10. If you get a security warning select the option to install the driver software anyway
  11. After a few minutes the driver software will be successfully installed
  12. In device manager "Arduino Mega 2560" should now show up under "Ports". The parentheses next to the board name indicate the port that the board is connected to. This port number will be used when connecting to the board with the Arduino software.
  13. To verify that the board is connected and installed, open the Arduino software.
  14. Select "Tools" on the top menu and then navigate to "Board"
  15. Select which board you have connected to the computer. In this case it is "Arduino Mega 2560."
  16. Then from the "Tools" menu go to "Serial Port" and select the port that corresponds to the port number found in device manager. In many cases this will be the only port number to show up.
  17. You should now be able to connect to the Arduino and upload code.
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