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How to test new filament on a Taz

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How to test new filament on a Taz


  • Same as Taz 6 use

Equipment or Bill of Materials[edit]

  • Lulzbot taz 6

Note: 9.11 kWh/kg for PETG

specs: nozzle temp = 235C bed temp = 65C print speed 60 mm/sec and with 100% infill

Operation & Procedure[edit]

  1. Before you start to get an idea of what you need to do for finding the right print settings - read this carefully - Woern, A.L.; Byard, D.J.; Oakley, R.B.; Fiedler, M.J.; Snabes, S.L.; Pearce, J.M. Fused Particle Fabrication 3-D Printing: Recycled Materials’ Optimization and Mechanical Properties. Materials 2018, 11, 1413. doi:
  2. Do a mini lit /web search to find the default settings for your base plastic as a rough guess on temp -along with your recyclebot experience.
  3. Ensure that your filament is thin enough to fit into the filament hole on the Taz.
  4. Take out the old filament and put your filament in the hole. Look for a minimum temperature that it will extrude out manually by adjusting the temperature on Lulzbot with the dial and pushing it with your hand through hot end. At the "right" temp - you will see the plastic come out of the nozzle - the exact width of the nozzle hole (e.g. no thin, weird curling, etc.)
  5. For speed start with some of the default settings under the advanced menu in Lulzbot Cura for the same/similar base polymer.
  6. Make the following prints using the STLs in this project ( ):
    1. line/liness to get right T and speed
    2. vase - test wall thickness with calipers
    3. cube - test x, y, z with calipers
    4. 5X ASTM D638 Type 4 standard tensile bars.