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IEEExplore and Google Scholar have resulted very few results. Links here are mainly from projects from Youtube, followed back to their actual projects.

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Foam Printing[edit | edit source]

Toward site-specific and self-sufficient robotic fabrication on architectural scales

  • Large industrial robot arm, can build buildings out of PU foam.
  • Mobile robot arm is hugely complex.
  • In addition of foam printing, capable of moving earth, casting concrete and welding rebar and chain.

Large-scale 3D printing with a cable-suspended robot

  • Cable-suspended end-effector for larger build volume.
  • PU foam for material, shaving cream for support.
  • Inspect further, this is very interesting.

Architected cellular ceramics with tailored stiffness via direct foam writing

  • Study on porous ceramic material and it's physical parameters when printed into variety of structures.
  • Material seems to be non-expanding.
  • Inspect further. Make You Own Ceramic 3D Printer - Printheads/paste extruders

  • Community effort for paste extruders. Community G+ group.
  • Pneumatic force, loaded manually, no automated control?
  • Inspect, but automation would be nice. 3D PU Foam Printing

  • Technical University of Vienna, not found publications or associated researchers yet.
  • Aerosol can with solenoid valve.
  • Must find out more. Just the design I was going after.

Related[edit | edit source]

3D printing a sponge using Layfomm filament, a flexible material with viscoelastic properties

  • Polyurethane plastic, printed with FDM. Doesn't expand, but has elastic properties.
  • Same basic material, a wholly different take. 3D Foam Printing

  • Stratasys/GoEngineer company
  • Elastic 3D printed material, intends to replace traditional foam with material that has hundreds of "follicles" of material. Allows airflow.
  • Product design improvement, not really new material or technique.
  • They have another presentation where they print soluble mold and pour PU resin to the mold.

Hotwire foam cutting machines

  • Croma company
  • Cuts foam from blocks using CNC hotwire tool.
  • Substractive synthesis. Could develop a tool for open source CNC machines. Out of scope of this study. Foam Printer

  • No sources.
  • Extrudes soap bubble foam with a boyant gas (helium or hydrogen?).
  • Cute.

Mixing Materials: Three Approaches to 3D Printing with Polyurethane

  • Amathane company
  • Multicomponent PU extruding.
  • Except for that article, no published results or designs.