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Prof. Joshua M. Pearce
Hi. I am the Richard Witte Professor of Materials Science and Engineering cross appointed as a Professor in the Materials Science & Engineering and the Electrical & Computer Engineering at Michigan Tech. I currently run the Michigan Tech in Open Sustainability Technology (MOST) group. I am also an affiliated faculty member in the graduate program in Environmental and Energy Policy at MTU and an adjunct professor in Mech and at Queens University, Canada where I run the Queens Applied Sustainability Group. Webpages: Queen's faculty page, LinkedIn, Twitter @ProfPearce, Orcid, International Exchange, Semantic Scholar, Instagram, Youtube, Elsevier Reviewer Recog, Sci Profile, Scopus Author, Mendeley, Aalto profile

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Biography[edit | edit source]

Joshua M. Pearce received his Ph.D. in Materials Engineering from the Pennsylvania State University. He then developed the first Sustainability program in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and helped develop the Applied Sustainability graduate engineering program while at Queen's University, Canada. He currently is the Richard Witte Professor of Materials Science and Engineering and a Professor cross-appointed in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at the Michigan Technological University where he runs the Open Sustainability Technology Research Group. He was a Fulbright-Aalto University Distinguished Chair (2017-2018) and is a visiting professor of Photovoltaics and Nanoengineering at Aalto University as well as a visiting Professor Équipe de Recherche sur les Processus Innovatifs (ERPI), Université de Lorraine, France. His research concentrates on the use of open source appropriate technology to find collaborative solutions to problems in sustainability and poverty reduction. His research spans areas of electronic device physics and materials engineering of solar photovoltaic cells, and RepRap 3-D printing, but also includes applied sustainability and energy policy. His research is regularly covered by the international and national press and it is continually ranked in the top 0.1% on He is the faculty advisor for the Michigan Tech Open Source Hardware Enterprise. He is the editor-in-chief of HardwareX, a journal dedicated to open source scientific hardware and the author of the Open-Source Lab:How to Build Your Own Hardware and Reduce Research Costs and Create, Share, and Save Money Using Open-Source Projects.

Current teaching:

Research Interests[edit | edit source]

My research focuses on open and applied sustainability, which is the application of science and innovation to ensure a better quality of life for all, now and into the future, in a just and equitable manner, whilst living within the limits of supporting ecosystems. Specifically I am interested in exploring the way solar energy can be used to provide clean sustainable electricity through photovoltaic devices and how the sharing of open source hardware and software can create sustainable and equitable means of production (e.g. create open source appropriate technology and other free and open source hardware).

Current Editing and Boards[edit | edit source]

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Videos[edit | edit source]

Completed Projects and Publications[edit | edit source]

Pearce Publications: Energy Conservation Energy Policy Industrial SymbiosisLife Cycle Analysis Materials Science Open Source Photovoltaic Systems Solar CellsSustainable Development Sustainability Education

Teaching[edit | edit source]

I am also a strong proponent for service learning in engineering and making change. Utilizing appropriate technology projects to motivate students to learn physics. Also using service learning and commissioned assignments to solve real world environmental problems. Why students should come to MTU [4]

Courses with a service learning component[edit | edit source]

I have used Appropedia to support the following courses:

  • APSC100 - Engineering - First Year Project course
  • MECH370 - Materials Processing
  • Mech425 - Engineering for Sustainable Development
  • MECH820 - Solar Photovoltaic Materials, Cells and Systems Engineering
  • MECH836 - Applied Sustainability and CMAS801
  • MY3701 - Introduction to Semiconductor Materials Science and Engineering
  • MY4777/MY5777/EE4777/EE5777 Open-source 3-D printing
  • MY5970 - Solar Hacking
  • MY5490/EE5490 - Solar Photovoltaic Science and Engineering
  • PH261 - Physics of Energy and the Environment
  • PH254 - Introduction to Nanotechnology

The International Journal for Service Learning[edit | edit source]

I am the manuscript editor for the IJSLE. The International Journal for Service Learning in Engineering (IJSLE) is a peer-reviewed electronic journal offered free, semi-annually, over the World Wide Web. The Journal welcomes manuscripts based on original work of students and researchers with a specific focus or implication for service learning in engineering, engineering entrepreneurship in service, or related service learning pedagogy.

With an increasing number of individuals and institutions of higher education becoming involved in service learning and entrepreneurship in service learning, the IJSLE is an invaluable resources for students, faculty, practicing engineers and local communities. With articles relating to the latest design and research pertinent to local communities, the faculty-reviewed articles in each issue provide the reader with timely information related to:

   * Engineering Design Projects as Service
   * Engineering Research Projects as Service
   * Engineering-Related Entrepreneurial Projects as Service
   * Pedagogy in Engineering-Related Service Learning

If you are contributing to Appropedia - you should seriously consider submitting a manuscript once your project has come together

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Volunteers[edit | edit source]

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