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Mat.png This page is part of a project for MECH370, a Queen's University class on materials processing. Feel free to make comments using the discussion tab.


The basic mechanisms of mass transportW and phase transformationsW in materials are developed from thermodynamic and kinetic principles. Topics include phase equilibriaW, diffusionW, solidificationW and solid-state transformations. The application of these phenomena to materials processing methods, such as castingW, formingW, heat treatmentW and sinteringW is described.

Energy and Materials Efficiency Project[edit]

With abundant readily accessible materials and extremely inexpensive energy - both materials and energy efficiency have been regrettably downplayed and even ignored in industrial materials processing. In the final section of this course - students will develop review articles of materials efficiency and energy efficiency in materials processing in order to explore techniques in more detail than the text.

  • For help on the literature review go here

Topics Fall of 2009[edit]

Students place your chosen topic in the list below with a * and sign it with --~~~~ and double [[bracket]] it to create a link. Click on the article title to create a page and include {{MECH370}} --

Topics from Fall 2008[edit]

Presentation Schedule[edit]

Please sign up for the time slot you would prefer -- 3 slots per day.


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