Me atop a ~2 MW wind turbine. What a machine, and quite the view!

I am a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student at Queen's University in the ME2 (Materials Science) option of the program. My interest in engineering takes root in a desire to improve efficiency through design.

Interests[edit | edit source]

My engineering interests lie in the energy and transportation sectors, but more generally I am interested in how people interact with technologies and how to make the 'barrier' at this interface unnoticeable. One of the ways that I think about technology is summed up by a quote from designer Don NormanW who said 'what we need is not automation, but augmentation', meaning that technology should help make our everyday tasks easier, rather than do them for us while we sit idle.

My interest in sustainable development stems from this affinity for efficiency; I see sustainable development as the height of efficiency. Not only are we thinking about how we can meet our own current needs using our resources intelligently, but the needs of future generations are also considered. It is an approach to efficiency that looks beyond time to consider the most responsible solution, option or method.

On a more personal note, I enjoy sports and fitness, learning through trial and error, research and reading, and listening to (good) music. A summary of experience can be found here.

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