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Authors Matthew Urquhart
Published 2010
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This ECM details the economic and environmental savings generated by reducing electricity consumption associated with changing your current monitor to a new model that is certified as energy efficient. Included is an example of the potential savings that could be achieved by making this change in an organization such as your own. The ECM is also built in a way to provide you with information about your current technology, but also alert you of potential savings by switching to not only a different model, but a different size monitor, to improve the return on your investment. The investigation also considers the impact of changing the power profiles your monitors currently employ; for example, how quickly the monitor will go into standby after a period of inactivity, etc.

ECM Inputs[edit | edit source]

  • Current size and number of monitors investigated
  • Number of working days per year
  • Cost of electricity your organization pays, as well as a rate of inflation in the price of energy if applciable
  • Power consumption of current monitors in on/sleep/off states
  • Usage profile of current monitors per working day (i.e. number of hours per day monitor is "on", etc.)
  • Proposed power usage profile for monitors.

ECM Assumptions[edit | edit source]

  • Grid emissions (CO2), base initially on Kingston, Ontario, Canada
  • Manufacturer warranty period is 3 years (may differ by manufacturer), so IRRs are presented in 3- and 5-year periods (5-year is a common investment period, while 3-years is safely anticipated as the 'usable life' of the monitor while in reality it may be much longer.
  • Risk-free rate of return, as based on Canadian Treasury Bond notes
  • Current monitors are replaced with the same size monitor, although information about other monitors is also available.

Download this calculator[edit | edit source]

The most recent version of this calculator, as confirmed by the Queen's Green IT Group (original constructors of the document), is available here:

See also[edit | edit source]

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