An engineering student describes How to Build a Mechanically Powered Battery Charger for LED Lighting that operates using a bicycle wheel. More appropriate technology projects can be found at Mech425 AT Project.

Engineering for sustainable development is a way of applying science to improve the quality of human life for all time, while maintaining an ecological balance on the earth. Applied sustainability is another term used to describe the concept and just sustainability, which adds the values of justice and equity, is related.

There is now a professional duty on engineers to formulate systems, technologies and attitudes that will deliver a more sustainable society by adopting an applied sustainability approach across all sectors of engineering.Climate destabilization, resource depletion, inefficiency, wastefulness and pollution are some of the difficult problems we face as a global society. Engineers have a special place in being able to develop solutions and new strategies to deal with these critical subjects, whilst also providing the necessary tools to address global poverty and health issues to create a just sustainable society.

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