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Name Anteneh Gashaw
Affiliations Anteneh Engineering
Nationality Ethiopian
Languages English
Skills Engineering, Invention
Interests Wikis
Registered 2022
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I have dedicated my life for invention and research because not only I have big dreams but also it is my only way out of poverty. We all have a talent we know or did not find out yet. Mine happens to be inventing. So, until now I have invented more than 70 inventions. and

International honors

  • Winner of Mechanical maker challenge by NASA/ JPL- 2019 with my design invention “Mechanical eye”
  • Finalist in the TIC AMERICAS 2020 contest with my project “Caribbean Sargassum Problem”
  • Finalist in TKF plastic innovation challenge 2019 with my invention “Smart green washer”
  • Top 100 inventions of 2019 by create the future contest by tech briefs with my project “Cone solar panel”
  • Top 10 winner of TIA challenge 2019 with my multiple unique solutions and invention  
  • Finalist in Enel challenge on MV & LV distribution challenge 2019 with my invention “Turbine for avoiding birds in MV & LV distribution lines”
  • In the recent Hawaii natural problem challenge which is the saving the Ohi’a challenge (, I submitted more than 30 possible solution
  • I have developed more that 20 inventions for solution, management and prevention of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) which you can see via or
  • In 2020 I have invented more than 15 technologies related to increasing efficiency of energy generation, transmission and utilization through a clean environmentally friendly way which you can see via
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