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Through Queen`s University`s Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering course Mech425, students are developing an open source database of energy conservation measures (ECMs) which can be used to evaluate the economic and environmental benefits of numerous technologies, systems, and processes. By quantifying the economic and environmental benefits in a standard and transparent form, it is hoped that these ECMs will provide businesses and homeowners with reliable information to assess the feasibility of improving their environmental impact, and simultaneously, their bottom line.

This page is for Green IT projects for Mech 425. You can download the 14 page project File:MECH425 green ITS Project Final Jan 20.doc in doc format. Thus you can edit the consent forms, etc.

For more information see Category:Queens Green IT and Hardware replaced by a smartphone

See also: http://web.archive.org/web/20100324191222/http://www.business.gov:80/expand/green-business/energy-efficiency/calculate-savings/energy-saving-calculator.html

To keep people from editing your work - please put the following: {{425inprogress|Month Day, Year}}

Projects[edit | edit source]

IMPORTANT[edit | edit source]

  • Marking variability exists for the final project mark if group member either forgot to do the peer review / did little for it etc. (lower mark than group) or did above and beyond (higher mark than group). The average mark given is what most group members got, and the variability is low, so there is no need, unless you did the aforementioned, to ask for your individual mark.
  • Off Campus Safety Forms: Queen's University Environmental Health and Safety
  • Submit ECM and finish page by Feb. 9 midnight
  • Do peer review of topic page and ECM by Feb. 11 in class (8.30 am) This is an individual mark and ensure comments on both the topic and ECM are in the discussion tab of the page. Signing it shows how well each member is working or that it was done. You can split it up or do as a group - ensure I see a signature if individual or "done be group ----names----". If you have concerns about group members not pulling their weight, please discuss with the instructor.

The individual mark is for doing the review for another group. The group will be given a mark for using the review that another group's members has done for you and correcting your Appropedia page and ECM.

  • Review your ECM and page and resubmit by Feb. 12 midnight
  • Marks and comments will be available in class after marking on Feb. 17th and Feb 18th. You must be present to receive your mark.
  • Some of you had trouble uploading Microsoft files because of corruption issues -- Appropedia now supports all the Open Office formats -- odt, ods, odp, odg, odb. You can download Open Office for free here.
  • Since the time stamps are in UTC, the correct time here (Kingston) is UTC time minus 5 hours.
  • Revised ECMs due Friday Feb. 19th at 8:30 am:Mech 425 ECM Review Lecture 17th and 18th
    Upload to Appropedia with summary of edits. Kadra will review from there and reload file if additional corrections are needed. Send her confirmation email at time of reload.
  • Major notes:
    Consider print-ability of your ECM and reduce ink requirements by choosing pastelle (lighter) colours. Use colours on necessary points with a purpose.
    What if your company does not pay its utilities bill because it is renting - ask them to consider dialogue with their landlord about bill reductions saving both parties. Consider talking to the landlord about initiatives for the building granting savings for them. Be tactful and professional about your approach.

Pre-designed ECMs[edit | edit source]

Topics[edit | edit source]

Please modify assumptions as needed for real audits.

Hardware based Topics[edit | edit source]

(Please place in alphabetical order)

Software based Topics[edit | edit source]

Please place Green IT project in alphabetical order

Using ECMs in Audits[edit | edit source]

Please Read Parts 3 and 4 of the Project booklet.

  • Survey inputs and assumptions of chosen ECMs to formulate questions for company representatives to improve accuracy of ECM.
  • Important people to talk to: IT, Accounting, HR, PR, technicians, employees, managers
  • KEEP company information CONFIDENTIAL. Always get consent to use information.
  • Pitch ideas to companies and gain understanding of company assets, expenses etc. to pick the most suitable ECMs
  • Use power monitors/ measurement devices to figure out energy usage and efficiency of devices/ appliances
  • Survey company willingness to change
  • Understand company motives
  • Tailor analysis to show why behavioral change has benefits. Suggest ways for company to succeed in its initiative.

Green IT Project Reports[edit | edit source]

  1. Recommendation Report to Company
  2. Work Report to Queen's Mech 425 (with documents, permissions etc. handed in in class)

1) Recommendation Report to Company (Do NOT use names of people from surveys) Cover Page with disclaimer:

"This report was generated as a student assignment for Mech425 at Queen's University. Although efforts were made to ensure the reliability of the results and recommendations, neither the authors nor Queen's University takes any responsibility for the contents of the report." and authorship.

Executive Summary: Remember SPSE: Situation, Problem, Solution, Evaluation

Summarize details of the audit, ECMs recommended, those used, the findings from each ECM and what you think the company should do. (Remember only 2 need to be used)--summarizing the report, containing the ECMs using the executive summaries from the ECMs' spreadsheets. Make sure you acknowledge the company for participating in the study.

Table of Contents Introduction Recommended ECMs and why this is being done. Analysis List of recommended ECMs with short paragraph description (from introductions) and then full economic and environmental analyses for each one (e.g. printed-out version of the spreadsheets). Lay out inputs, assumptions, limitations. Include link to work done on Appropedia. Conclusions and Recommendations References Appendix: Spreadsheet calculations

Turn the recommendation report into a pdf and email it to the TA – only when TA checked it and returned comments, then correct and email it to the company representative.

2) Work Report to Queen's Mech 425 with documents, permissions etc. This should include a short description of the business you studied, a list of measurements you made, equipment you specified, types of people you talked to, etc. Same general sections as recommendation report (with shorter summary of ECMs...don't re-include the ECM spreadsheet data) except also add in:

  • Executive Summary
  • Table of Contents
  • Introduction
  • Background of Company and Green Initiatives to date
  • Energy Audit Methodology (what equipment used and how) and Results (include any analysis done)
  • Energy Audit Interviews and Surveys (summary of info. acquired and persons you spoke to)
  • How Energy Audit Measurements and Surveys were used in the ECMs in terms of inputs, choosing ECMs, changing assumptions
  • Summary of ECMs used, results found and limitations (1 to 3 pages max.) -- short (don't redo recommendation report)
  • Recommendations to researchers in Engineering and the Business School summarizing your thoughts concerning whether this business would be a good candidate for future green IT project changes and work. Include limitations and suggestions for improvement.
  • Conclusions
  • Acknowledgments of persons/ organizations that helped the study
  • Appendix (as needed)

Convert to pdf.

Email both reports to your TA for the project Kadra Branker at 5kb3@queensu.ca.

Turn over all signed consent forms etc. (all hardcopy work) and any equipment to Dr. Pearce in class as instructed in the previous email.

Resources[edit | edit source]

Check and use the discussion tab for helpful hints and discussions.

What if my company does not pay its utility bills?[edit | edit source]

You have a few options:

  1. Consider a new company who is responsible for the bill
  2. Consider talking to the landlord of the rental building for your company if they would consider energy savings for their rental premises. They can be considered as a greener landlord, and may be able to reduce rent as a result, which is attractive. Conversely, they can keep rental the same, but energy savings would increase their profit - you can easily modify the returns to suit. Its the same idea as before. E.g. A holding company installed energy savings bulbs in more than 17 buildings, but kept rent (that includes utilities) the same.
  3. This option is less likely. Ask the company you're in contact with if they would consider having a discussion/ meeting with the landlord and you about the energy saving ideas, and that if the energy bill is reduced, would the landlord consider a reduction in the utilities portion of the bill. In (2) the landlord spends money on the project. In (3), the company spends money on project for landlord to reduce utilities. There is the potential for green image marketing here for both parties. It depends on how big the property is, if other companies are on the property and how big the savings will be. Also important is how long the company has rented there.
  4. Consider ECMs not related to energy to stay with the same company:
  • Double sided printing saves on trees, and so CO2 in another way, since trees are carbon sinks.
  • Efficient printers: reduced ink and cost per printing in some printers that are also energy efficient would have direct savings for the company related to the cartridge costs etc. You would minus the energy savings cost from the analysis and focus on the other savings. The Xerox Qube comes to mind and they have a cost savings calculator you can estimate your savings per page from. You'll have to do your research on that including asking the company about current printers. [1][2] [3]
  • telecommuting would allow fewer workers and may save office space = saving rental costs: again depends on number of employees and size of rental space if can rent by floors etc.
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