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Hardware replaced by a smartphone

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Smart phonesW, able to tackle a wide variety of tasks that are generally divided into to many separate devices. As the "developing world" leap frogs the developed world in rapid deployment of cell phones - it is reasonable to assume that many devices we currently use could be incorporated into inexpensive and universally available smartphone devices. Consider investing in a smartphone and thus consolidating the following products - it may reduce an individual’s carbon footprint and allows for a quick simplification of one’s life (original list started here [1].

Hardware replaced with a smartphone[edit]

  1. land line - telephone
  2. camera
  3. clock/watch/alarm clock
  4. calendar
  5. boombox, mp3 player, cd or tape player
  6. dvd player
  7. tv
  8. address book/rolodex
  9. calculator
  10. voice recorder
  11. translators
  12. GPS
  13. notebook
  14. banking
  15. flash drive
  16. remote control
  17. radio
  18. ebook reader
  19. computer (web browser)
  20. library: books, encyclopedia, manuals, journals, papers, monographs, magazines and newspapers
  21. mail
  22. games/game consol
  23. police scanner
  24. travel tickets
  25. credit cards
  26. ID
  27. banking/ATM
  28. gambling cards
  29. keys for car
  30. tools (see below)


  1. flash light
  2. levels
  3. graphing calculator
  4. solar calculator
  5. light meter
  6. handbook for engineering
  7. decibel meter
  8. data acquisition
  9. image recognition -- use to extrapolate energy consumption from power
  10. spectral light meter
  11. compass
  12. tape measure
  13. telescope
  14. GPS for coordinates of large spaces
  15. taper measurer for small things - length of phone
  16. bluetooth comm -- use to triangulate
  17. pedometer
  18. 2 phones - sound - distance app
  19. 1 phone - length measurement with - scale
  20. database questioning
  21. scale
  22. throwing velocity, slapshot velocity
  23. speedometer
  24. measure pressure, temperature -- add tools
  25. walkie talkie