My dog running, I love him so much.

Hello, my name is Alice. I am from France but my family and I moved to the U.S. in 2012. Engineering was never something I thought I'd study one day, but I knew I was going to do a major around the environment.

Other interests or activities[edit | edit source]

  • Sewing
  • Baking (I make a mean tiramisu)
  • Backpacking/camping/hiking
  • Paintball (tried it once and I have been wanting to do it again ever since; there's just something about shooting other people with paint that feels satisfying)
  • Video Games (I know some people would debate about video game being an interest or activity, but people do write "youtuber" as a career)
  • Anything involving the environment (Because I love my planet)
  • Animals in general (If you're asking if I am a dog or cat person: neither, I love both equally)
  • Watching movies and series (nothing like binge-watching a whole season before bed)
  • Photographing
  • Reading (My favorite book is Uprooted, by Naomi Novik, what's yours?)
  • Languages (Currently learning Spanish)
  • Playing instruments (3 years of saxophone, 1 year of piano, 1 year of flute, and now I am learning the Kalimba)

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

Some example of works and documents I did in my engineering classes at Humboldt:

Discussion[View | Edit]

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