RNA sequencing kits are devices for sequencing the RNA of an organism, which is what the DNA is translated to when it is used to make proteins. They do not sequence the entire genome of an organism, but they do sequence the part that is currently used. That makes them more useful for identifying the genes that are relevant for biological mechanisms. This include genes active at the particular time or in a particular organ.

Building RNA sequencing kits from cheap components[edit | edit source]

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Analyzing the data[edit | edit source]

The RNA will almost certainly come in small fragments, not in whole transcriptomes that correspond to genes. The data work needed to put the genes together work by comparing the many fragments, which are broken in different places on what was originally copies of the same longer sequence, and looking for recurring partial overlaps. With numerous letters at the end of one framgnent that correspond to those in the beginning of the next, they can be digitally jigsawed together.

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