This category applies to and collects articles of note to those developing a community biolab for local or resilient biotech. This includes items of equipment that may be easy to produce on-site or with micromanufacturing tools (i.e. 3D printing, laser cutting), how-to or tutorial articles on producing reagents or isolating relevant species, or articles on methods and protocols of note.

The aim of establishing a community biolab may be related to local healthcare needs like diagnostics or local treatment/vaccination production, or for local crop-improvement or soil studies projects. Inputs into a biolab are likely to be byproducts or divertants of infrastructures that a sustainable community already possesses or would benefit from such as fermentation and distillation systems. Outputs would include feedback systems like improved fermentation systems, educational outputs such as better understanding of soil ecologies, and biotech outputs such as nutritionally enhanced fermentations or improved crops, or locally produced medicines. Also of note are outputs such as industrially useful enzymes, pigments or polymers.

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