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Green chemistry , also known as sustainable chemistry, refers to environmentally friendly chemicals and processes that result in: reduced waste, eliminating costly end-of-the-pipe treatments; safer products; and reduced use of energy and resources—all improving the competitiveness of chemical manufacturers and their customers.

It includes:

  • Design of alternative synthetic pathways for new or existing chemicals which do not utilize toxic reagents or solvents or do not produce toxic by-products or co-products.
  • Design or redesign of useful chemicals and materials such that they are less toxic to health and the environment or safer with regard to accident potential.

Appropriate areas of investigation[expansion needed] include: chemical synthesis and catalysis; analysis and detection; separation processes; and reaction mechanisms.

Examples include:

  • Use of innovative methods such as catalysis and biocatalysis; photochemistry or biomimetic synthesis; and use of alternative starting

materials which are innocuous or renewable.

  • Use of creative reaction conditions, such as using solvents which have a reduced impact on health and the environment or increasing reaction selectivity thus reducing wastes and emissions.

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  1. Note there is a lot more on the above source page that might be useful. Or use APDS to find more, or search just NSF.

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U.S EPA [1]

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