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Name Laura Danier
Affiliations University of Western University
Nationality Canada
Languages English, Russian, French, German, Spanish
Skills Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Drawing, Piano, 3D printing
Interests Astronomy, Medicine, Engineering, Music, Health, Fitness, Cultures, Languages, Travel
Links []
Registered 2023
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Laura Danier is currently studying her third year of Honours Specialization in Health Sciences at Western University. Throughout her university experience, Laura has developed a strong passion for astronomy, medicine, and engineering. Despite not taking any engineering courses, Laura pursues her interests by joining clubs such as the 3D Printing club at Western University to get hands-on experience and inquiring engineering friends about their projects. She explores her astronomy curiosities by taking astronomy courses at Western University and asking questions. Throughout her life, Laura has researched on her own about our universe and it's dynamics, wanting to know more and help develop technologies that can advance our discoveries.

Laura is involved in her university community by taking on roles such as being an International Peer Guide, to help international/exchange students with their transition to Canada and Western culture, in addition to working on the Communications team for the Canadian Association of Regenerative Medicine. She also has a strong passion for music, which she incorporates into her community by playing piano at the Windermere on the Mount retirement home in association with the Western Piano Society, and recently joining the Charity Chords club, where they collaborate with charities to raise money for specific causes with the power of music. Leadership is a focus Laura is working on, which she does so by participating in the Collegiate Leadership Competition, in which her team placed second in the Canadian Nationals, representing Western University.

Project Part 1: Open source bioreactor PLA to food[edit | edit source]

Background[edit | edit source]

Open sourced bioreactor working with the Raspberry Pi software.

To do[edit | edit source]

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