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Welcome to our set of open-source Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) calculators for use by organizations. These have been developed in Microsoft Excel by Queen's University students and faculty and have been pretested in organizations. We hope that they will assist organizations in justifying the implementation of sustainable information technology and system (Green IT) initiatives in their organizations.

Each ECM calculator includes a worked example, showing both economic and environmental cost/benefit analyses. In order to determine the potential expected outcomes for their companies, organizations can modify the numbers in the ECM calculators to reflect their own situations. Because the ECMs are open-source, organizations are also free to modify the calculations within Excel as they see fit. Each file has been checked for accuracy and completeness. However, if errors or additions are discovered by any user during analysis, they are encouraged to mark the changes, and re-upload the document under a different file name but in the same file format (.xls), staying as close to the original organizational structure as possible. Main website: Green ITS Research

Projects[edit | edit source]

What is an Energy Conservation Measure?[edit | edit source]

An Energy Conservation Measure (ECM) is a tool that allows an organization to directly affect its energy use. ECMs generally save money over the long run, in addition to reducing energy usage and environmental impacts of the organization's operations.

Downloadable ECMs Calculators[edit | edit source]

The following list will be updated over time. Any questions about a particular ECM should be made on the Discussion page for that topic, and general questions about the ECM formats, etc. can be made on the talk page of this topic. Thank you in advance for participating, and good luck with your analyses!

  • -M. Urquhart 20:50, 29 May 2010 (UTC) (ECM Constructor)

Emission Factor Resources[edit | edit source]

When estimating the environmental impact of some ECMs, the emissions associated with the electricity grid must be estimated.When considering the emission intensity/factor of your grid electricity source (amount of CO2 per kWh), please use the best available emission data. In general, if a direct reasonable emission factor (amount of CO2 per kWh) is not available, the emission intensity of the given electrical grid power sources (e.g. coal, natural gas) can be found and converted to emission intensity per kWh knowing the percentage of the grid they represent. The following are some available resources: Default resources used in the ECM Calculator for Ontario:

Other Emission factor data:

For Canada:

For the USA:

For the UK:


(Resources last viewed: 1 June 2010)Kadra09 14:36, 2 June 2010 (UTC)

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