For small scale casting of metals with a low to moderate melting point the equipment can be build from common materials. The most basic is probably the the so called flowerpot furnace. It consists of a ceramic container like a flowerpot that has been fitted with an hole for an blower pipe. It is filled with charcoal and the crucible for melting the metal. One of the easier raw materials used is scrap aluminum ( like soda cans ) with a melting point of ~660 °C. Melting brass is not done as easily because of the higher melting point of ~900°C. More elaborate smelters can be built with a burner for propane or waste oil ( vegetable-oil or motor-oil ). The needed blower can be electric or a bellows. The crucible may be nothing more complicated than a steel pot.

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  • The Brockmoor Foundry produces S.G/nodular iron Casting to ISO/TS16949.
    • The Brockmoor Foundry is one of the few UK iron foundries to cast, machine and paint products, all on one site.
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