This article deals discusses the different techniques of metal working and explains the most appropriate way for people in developing/developed countries to make useful metal objects.

Blacksmithing and casting[edit | edit source]

Blacksmithing is a very energy efficient method of making metals but it requires skill, which offcourse can't be picked up overnight. In addition, metal objects made this way have no uniformity.

Casting requires much less skill, and also creates uniform metal objects. Another advantage is that it can also make very complex structures. A disadvantage is however its high energy consumption, although this can be reduced to a large extent by an efficient factory setup.

A blend of casting and to some extent blacksmithing could be useful. Also, welding equipment and post-treatment tools for ie grinding, ... (powertools; see AT factory) is also required. This can be done ie in workshops.

Joining metals[edit | edit source]

This can be done by Metal joining techniques.

See also[edit | edit source]

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