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My Life[edit | edit source]

I was born and raised in Calgary Alberta. I grew up within a Mennonite Brethern Christian Church and have a deep faith in the saving power of Jesus in this world. I know that God has provided amazing wonders in all levels of creation, and that the act of discovery inherent in science is not contradictory to the Bible or God's creative powers, but is in fact the revelation of the awesome power and creativity that went into the unvierse.

I believe that every new discovery can reveal something about our place in the world. I desire to learn what I can about the inner-workings of our world, and from it build/design/orchestrate the creation of something (idea, product, process) that will change the world.

That is my goal, no less than providing something that will allow mankind to advance in our understanding and acheivement. Saving ourselves and our world.

Mat.png This page was part of a project for MECH370, a Queen's University class on materials processing. It is now open edit.

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