Welcome to PH261: Physics of Energy and the Environment. PH261 is the foundation course for the Clarion University's Sustainability: Science and Policy Program and is taught by Dr. Joshua Pearce.

This course is a study of the physical laws and processes that underlie environmental phenomena with a special focus on energy (mechanical, thermal and electrical). We will establish both a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the underlying physical processes. Technical, economic, and social consequences of these laws and processes will be examined to better delineate the complex decisions related to human energy use and environmental issues.

This course is being offered on the web in Fall 2007 and will utilize appropedia.org for project collaboration.

The class list can be found here: = Projects =

Environmental Songs[edit | edit source]

To learn the basics of wiki editing and to have a little fun we created a list of songs with environmental themes

Light Emitting Diode Project[edit | edit source]

Here is an LED FAQ to assist you in writing to the decision maker in you community.

LEDs are the future of lighting.

Target Communities[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of communities to do LCAs on in alphabetical order. List your community and username.

Note: If your username is in red - then you either have not created your user page or you used the wrong name.

LED Links of use[edit | edit source]

Review for First Exam[edit | edit source]

Exam 1 Concepts Exam 1 Concepts

Review for Second Exam[edit | edit source]

Choose TWO words (or phrases) from the list below. Tag the word with your signature by editing this section of this page.

Create the page for the word and do the following:

Final Class Project[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of pages created by PH261 students in alphabetical order. List your page and link back to it. Make sure to include the "PH261 Page" box in your page , just copy and paste the following (including brackets) code into your page: {{PH261 Page}} This will ensure that no editors of Appropedia edit it before it is graded.

Students please note that the naming convention in Appropedia is to capitalize the first word of a phrase and then use lower case for the other words in a phrase. If you choose a topic that exists already -- look at the pages and see if you can find some aspect of the entry that can be improved based on the information from the class.


Discussion[View | Edit]

Categorization[edit source]

Should non-participants in this course categorize pages? Or is that part of the project, to be done by students, and only added to by others after the course is complete?

I noticed the page LED FAQ which should be in Category:Electric lighting.

Note the page Special:Categories which may be helpful in finding appropriate categories. --Chriswaterguy · talk 10:05, 1 October 2007 (PDT)

Thanks Chris --

Students are asked to put articles in categories -- but any non-participants are more than welcome to help categorize or improve pages. The history pages are extremely useful to me for still being able to grade student work.In most cases however, shortly after the pages are created they are graded. The final projects will be much more in depth -- what is up now is basically warm up -- to help the students get comfortable with wiki editing - while at the same time reviewing class material. --Joshua 07:36, 18 October 2007 (PDT)

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