Ross[edit | edit source]

At Clarion[edit | edit source]

Major:environmental biology, MSSP minor

At Home[edit | edit source]

Hometown:hermitage, pa

Hobbies: fishing, riding quads, anything outside

Work[edit | edit source]

Internships: Wallace and Pancher Inc., Hermitage,PA This summer I took an internship with an environmental consulting firm (WPI) based in my hometown. They were subcontracted by the coal companies of southwest PA (Waynseburg area). To establish a biological baseline of all streams that were located above their proposed longwall mining panels. This baseline included macroinvertabrate samples, water chem, fish surveys, general observations of the streams. This is done to serve as a reference of the land before mining is done underground. The main problem with longwall mining is subsidence, and actually fracturing bedrock an causing complete loss of surface water. Speaking with people whose land had been already been mined and seeing their reactions to what happened to their land, water, and homes really gave me a firsthand look at the "real" cost of coal. These are the people who pay a slightly higher cost for our wasteful consumption.

PH 261[edit | edit source]

Why?[edit | edit source]

I'm taking PH 261 to fulfill the requirements of the minor and because it is an interesting course

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