About Me :)
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Hello! My name is Gabrielle Adams, i'm 20 years and a Sophmore at Clarion University! I'm from New Castle which is pretty lame. My current major is undecided business, but i'm changing it to computer science next semester. I've always been interested in computers and how they work. If that doesnt work out, I always loved to do make up. I would love to go to school and learn how to do theatre or runway make up. I'm a pretty laid back person although I get irritated really easily. Actually im really irritated now doing this page. :) To be honest I really don't know that much about Physics. I took this course because I needed three more credits in science and I heard this course was pretty good. It's better than sitting in a classroom listening to the professor talk the whole time. I think this class will enlighten me a lot considering i'm pretty clueless when it comes to Physics!

Text Messaging
fluffy things
Being with friends
the color black
lots of money
hot men with muscles
being silly
my puppy

Bad breath
colorful things
obnoxious people

My major goal for now is just to get through college and find a good job. I personally want to just marry a rich man instead, but if that doesn't work out I guess finding a job that can support me will be fine.

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