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New York Environmental Issues[edit | edit source]

Abstract[edit | edit source]

The AAEA is a very important organization that could do great things for the environment. I think that New York City among other cities could really use this improvement. People today are slowly destroying the environment with pollution amoung other things. With the use of natural resources and the increase of participation, we can have a better place to live. I think that this is a great way to help change the environment. --Gabby 13:16, 26 October 2007 (PDT)

According to the New York office of the AAEA, they are dedicated to protecting and enhancing the environment in New York City. They want to enhance and help human, animal, and plant ecologies, promote the efficient use of natural resources, and increase the African American participation in the environment. [1]

Environmental Justice Coalition[edit | edit source]

The EJC is working is working to pass an Environmental Justice Act to provide the framework for protecting communities with the poorest health, greatest concentration of environmental pollutants or least economic development from additional sources of pollution. [2]

New York City Environmental Justice Bill[edit | edit source]

Charles Barron, a New York City Council member, has introduced an environmental justice bill that was drafted by AAEA-New York. The bill wants to amend the administrative code of the city of New York to require city agencies to develop and implement policies and programs to ensure nondiscriminatory compliance with environmental, energy, health and safety laws, to ensure equal protection of the public health and to promote environmental justice and economic development in underdeveloped communities. [3]

AAEA's Main Goals[edit | edit source]

The African American Environmentalist Association has many goals in mind to helping the environment. They want to make sure that they deliver environmental information to communities. They give this information by cleaning up neighborhoods by telling them information about toxics education, energy, water, and clean air. They also work with resolving environmental rasicm and injustice issues through practical environmental solutions. The AAEA's main organization goals include:

  1. Protect the environment
  2. Promote the efficient use of natural resources.
  3. Enhance human, animal and plant ecologies.
  4. Increase African American participation in environmental movement.
  5. Deliver information and services directly into the black community.
  6. Clean up neighborhoods by implementing toxics education, energy, water and clean air programs.
  7. Include an African American point of view in environmental policy decision-making.
  8. Resolve environmental racism and injustice issues through the application of practical environmental solutions.


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