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How to help[edit | edit source]

Community action for sustainability or CASwiki articles are mostly of three kinds:

Place articles, topic articles or resource articles

Place articles[edit | edit source]

Place articles are by far the most numerous kind on CASwiki, reflecting our focus on community action and localism. They follow a roughly standard format and include details of sustainability initiatives, groups or projects, initiatives by topic, resources, events, news and further links.

Sample place articles: Bristol, San Francisco, Nairobi ...more via our CASwiki places portal

Topic articles[edit | edit source]

These generally provide a list of actions or project ideas which communities can take or develop, and links to Resources. The articles might also include news and comment, or timeline sections. They include information about topics from a global or generic perspective which can provide a context for more localised information within the place based articles.

Sample topic articles: Community involvement, Climate action, Biodiversity ...more please see our CASwiki topics portal

Resource articles[edit | edit source]

Including links to more extensive information, calendars, video, maps, infographics, apps for sustainability, social media links, research, funding information, etc.

Sample resource articles: Community resources, Networks, International sustainable community events ...more via our CASwiki resources portal

Golden Cap from Charmouth -

Why grow community action for sustainability?[edit source]

Help out with what interests you most

As and when you can, and always at your own pace. Help by linking things up, checking for updates, checking external links, spelling and punctuation.

Experiment, test things out. Most of all - Enjoy, have fun !! - and please contribute something.

“Everyone brings their crumbs of knowledge to the task and if they don’t, we’re the lesser for it.” Sue Gardner, Wikimedia Foundation

Join our group[edit | edit source]

To join the CASwiki group just copy and paste the following (including brackets) code into your userpage:
{{User CASwiki}}, including |yourusername after 'User CASwiki' and before '}}'. Including this code will include a user box on your userpage stating your membership in this group. See also Help:Userboxes

Please feel free to check out CASwiki group members, view their contributions or contact them with questions.

Each time you revisit, our 'main page': Community action for sustainability might be a good place to start. Together with its talk page it doubles up as a sort of community portal specifically for CASwiki.

Movements grow with stories[edit | edit source]

10 reasons that green people are happier[edit | edit source]

10 reasons that green people are happier,, May 2, 2011