Scalogo1(png).png Hi! Welcome to my user page.

I live in a small town in rural Kent, England, about an hour's train ride from London. Married with two grown up sons. Lived here for over 40 years, but grew up by the sea, in Bournemouth. Family connections in Mallorca, Spain.

Some things I've been involved with - Local sustainability action, Local Agenda 21, LETS (local exchange trading systems), volunteering, demography. Other interests include cycling, sport, cooking, gardening, art, design, film, music, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, futurology, sci-fi and fantasy. Languages: English (native), Spanish (basic)

Community action for sustainability[edit | edit source]

I began the Sustainable Community Action wiki in 2004, its first version on Wikia W. From 2012 -2013 scawiki was part of the social media site Wiser W. Most of this content was then transferred to Appropedia from December 2013. As of August 2015, the wiki name was changed to Community action for sustainability, CASwiki

Contact[edit | edit source]

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