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  • Climate groups taking government to court over “dangerous” aviation strategy, (Mar 28, 2023, UK)
  • The People’s Plan For Nature has finally landed - seeking a “Union” of forces, to ensure nature is at the heart of all policy, The Daily Alternative (Mar 25, 2023, UK)
  • Top lawyers defy bar to declare they will not prosecute peaceful climate protesters, The Guardian (Mar 24, 2023, UK)
  • UK criticised for failing to join UN-backed river restoration scheme, (Mar 24, 2023, UK)
  • People’s Plan for Nature arrives, (Mar 23, 2023, UK) — A world-first, a plan created for the people, by the people of the UK – a vision for the future of nature, and the actions we must all take to protect and renew it.
  • New report reveals "growing, invisible homelessness crisis in our countryside, English Rural (Mar 17, 2023, UK)
  • Still time to save Our Wild Isles, say UK conservation charities, BBC News (Mar 13, 2023, UK)
  • The truth about Britain’s wildlife crisis is stark: the timid BBC must let David Attenborough tell it loud and clear, Geoffrey Lean, The Guardian (Mar 10, 2023, UK)
  • Does economic growth lead to higher happiness?, New Local (Mar 09, 2023, UK)
  • Court restrictions on climate protesters ‘deeply concerning’, say leading lawyers, The Guardian (Mar 08, 2023, UK)
  • Builders are making thumping profits by over-charging for new homes – new findings, The Conversation (Mar 07, 2023, UK)
  • Cabinet ministers warned of legal action over UK’s failure to tackle climate crisis, The Guardian (Mar 04, 2023, UK)
  • Why England urgently needs a roads reset, Transport Action Network (Mar 03, 2023, UK)
  • Regenerative Thinking: The problem with new housing, Wicked Leeks (Mar 02, 2023, UK)
  • Today’s climate activist ‘criminals’ are tomorrow’s heroes: silencing them in court is immoral, George Monbiot, The Guardian (Feb 22, 2023, UK)
  • A major trial of a 4-day week (on same pay) sees "vast majority" of organisations extending or making it permanent, The Daily Alternative (Feb 14, 2023, UK)
  • Britain is addicted to the wrecking ball. It’s trashing our heritage and the planet, Phineas Harper, The Guardian (Feb 10, 2023, UK)
  • Stop ‘wishcycling’ and get wise: how to recycle (almost) everything, The Guardian (Feb 07, 2023, UK)
  • Here are some trailblazers doing radical, regenerative place-making work - in housing, supply chains, finance and energy, The Daily Alternative (Feb 01, 2023, UK)
  • More than 100 writers sign letter in solidarity with jailed UK climate activists, The Guardian (Jan 06, 2023, UK)
  • “Be fearless. You are just as entitled as anyone to have the life you want.” The Arts Emergency Manifesto should rouse more than just artists, The Daily Alternative (Jan 05, 2023, UK)
  • If a community builds its “imagination infrastructure”, asks Cassie Robinson, what materials does it need? And what ambitions does it raise?, The Daily Alternative (Jan 02, 2023, UK)
  • Extinction Rebellion announces move away from disruptive tactics, The Guardian (Jan 01, 2023, UK)

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