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  • News ‘Does rewilding sort climate change? Yes!’: UK expert says nature can save planet and not harm farming, (Feb 25, 2024, West Sussex; South East England; UK)
  • News ‘Assault on rights of juries’: activist decries Tory challenge to legal defence for protesters, (Feb 19, 2024, UK)
  • News Five reasons to heat your home using infrared fabric, (Feb 14, 2024, UK)
  • News A final line of defence: combatting the slow, agonising death of the River Wye, (Feb 09, 2024, UK)
  • News ‘A powerful message through song’: the UK’s Climate Choir Movement is growing, (Feb 07, 2024, UK)
  • News Government in court over chicken poo in River Wye, BBC News (Feb 07, 2024, UK)
  • News Fuel poverty: as government support dries up, communities are taking action, (Feb 06, 2024, UK)
  • News Pesticides urgently need reform – the UK’s overdue action plan must make these drastic changes, (Feb 05, 2024, UK)
  • News "Tech for Today - and for Tomorrow" makes a resounding case that community tech can drive change in Britain, Daily Alternative (Jan 31, 2024, UK)
  • News A single person on universal credit now receives 20% less than what it costs just to eat and keep warm, (Jan 29, 2024, UK)
  • News ‘We can’t engineer our way out of this’: how to protect flood-hit Severn Valley, (Jan 27, 2024, UK)
  • News Geldof and Colman urge Home Office to reconsider climate activist’s deportation, (Jan 26, 2024, UK)
  • News Dissent is vital to protect democracy, Guardian Editorial, (Jan 23, 2024, UK)
  • News UN expert condemns UK crackdown on environmental protest, (Jan 23, 2024, UK)
  • News Chris Packham on why he’s angry, yet hopeful, (Jan 22, 2024, UK)
  • News Brexit divergence from EU destroying UK’s vital environmental protections, (Jan 19, 2024, UK)
  • News Nature in England at risk due to government failures, says environment watchdog, (Jan 18, 2024, UK)
  • News The Tories are right, we should stop the boats. Just not the ones they’re talking about, Aditya Chakrabortty, (Jan 18, 2024, UK)
  • News Labour mulls plan to boost local buyouts of community sites in England, (Jan 09, 2024, UK)
  • News Analysis: Record opposition to climate action by UK’s right-leaning newspapers in 2023, (Jan 09, 2024, UK)
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