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  • News Cumbria coalmine was unlawfully approved, government says, (Jul 11, 2024, Cumbria; North West England; UK)
  • News In Wales, they’re considering a law of “political deception”. Meaning when a politician is deemed to deliberately lie, it’s a criminal offence, Daily Alternative (Jul 02, 2024, Wales; UK)
  • News ‘Give nature space and it will come back’: rewilding returns endangered species to UK’s south coast, (Jun 27, 2024, East Sussex; West Sussex; South East England; UK)
  • News Horse Hill: Historic win as Supreme Court upholds landmark climate case, Sarah Finch, (Jun 20, 2024, Surrey; South East England; UK) — Surrey County Council acted unlawfully by giving planning permission for oil production at Horse Hill in the Surrey countryside without considering the climate impacts of when the oil is inevitably burned, the Supreme Court has ruled today.
  • News Kelp help? How Scotland’s seaweed growers are aiming to revolutionise what we buy, (Jun 13, 2024, Highland; Scotland; UK)
  • News What are the embryonic initiatives that quickly and radically transform society? Maybe ours will be gardens, suggests Greg Frey, Daily Alternative (Jun 06, 2024, Walthamstow; London; UK)
  • News Making an exhibition of yourself: the gallery where anyone can add to the walls, (Jun 04, 2024, Edinburgh; Scotland; UK)
  • News Edinburgh Council bans advertising for fossil fuel companies, airlines, airports, fossil-powered cars, SUVs, cruise ships and arms manufacturers on council-owned advertising spaces, (May 29, 2024, Edinburgh; Scotland; UK) — across England, one-third of local authorities now have some form of restrictions on harmful advertising
  • News ‘The fear has properly set in’: how it feels to watch my home town disappear into the sea, (May 21, 2024, Aberdeenshire; Scotland; UK)
  • News ‘It’s unbelievable the difference a path has made’: how volunteers are building a cycle network a yard at a time, (May 16, 2024, Somerset; South West England; UK)
  • News Public backs move to green home heating but more government support is needed, research shows, (May 02, 2024, Liverpool; North West England; UK) — " Liverpool, strong local identity and a feeling of solidarity led most participants to prefer a locally-owned system to private provision."
  • News ‘This May Day is a Celebration of Work and Innovation’, Dave Proudlove, (May 01, 2024, Stoke; West Midlands; UK)
  • News Five ways community is at the heart of Brighton Festival, (Apr 24, 2024, Brighton; South East England; UK)
  • News Thames21 welcomes Government’s plan to ban plastic in wet wipes, (Apr 22, 2024, London; UK)
  • News Becoming Independent, Alternative Editorial (Apr 21, 2024, Scotland; UK)
  • News Library of Things helping Charlton Kings residents save money, BBC News (Apr 11, 2024, Gloucestershire; South West England; UK)
  • News Five years of a car-free Thames crossing, (Apr 10, 2024, Hammersmith; London; UK)
  • News Transition Tooting is going to make their locality into a "Town Anywhere" - capable of imagining, and realising, positive futures, Daily Alternative (Apr 02, 2024, Wandsworth; Londong; UK)
  • News ‘Enormously exciting’: farm to create biggest natural grassland in southern England, (Mar 29, 2024, Wiltshire; South West England; UK)
  • News In Scotland, the circular economy is more than an occasion for eco-virtue. It’s ingenious and fun too, Daily Alternative (Mar 21, 2024, Scotland; UK)
  • News A mecca for rewilders: the community-led project restoring Scotland’s southern uplands, (Mar 20, 2024, Dumfries and Galloway; Scotland; UK)
  • News New Sheffield ad ban shows how councils can act on harmful advertising, (Mar 19, 2024, Sheffield; Yorks; UK)
  • News Rewilding Nation declaration call for Scotland as Charter launched, (Mar 15, 2024, Scotland; UK) — More than 2% of Scotland’s land now rewilding according to new figures
  • News Digitally mapping fertile spaces, teaching deep permaculture, all becoming co-stewards: Plymouth’s special social power at work, Daily Alternative (Mar 13, 2024, Plymouth; South West England; UK)
  • News Dorset Wildlife Trust partners with Natural England to acquire Lyscombe Farm, (Mar 08, 2024, Dorset; South West England)
  • News ‘We’re totally pay as you can’: the UK restaurant prioritising people and planet, (Mar 06, 2024, Gloucestershire; South West England; UK)
  • News All hands to the pumps: the colourful rise of community-owned pubs, (Mar 05, 2024, Highland; Greenwich; London; Scotland; UK)
  • News Pay as you feel café celebrates busy start as community hub, (Feb 28, 2024, Tunbridge Wells)
  • News Oxfordshire housing development ‘should be blocked due to failing sewage system’, (Feb 27, 2024, Oxfordshire; South East England; UK)
  • News The Scottish Gaelic concept of Dúthchas urges that people and nature are deeply entangled. Let it guide the path to land reform, Daily Alternative (Feb 25, 2024, Highland; Dumfries and Galloway; Scotland; UK)
  • News From sketch to sea: diving into Wales’ underwater farming revolution, (Feb 19, 2024, Wales; UK)
  • News ‘Like the flip of a switch, it’s gone’: has the ecosystem of the UK’s largest lake collapsed?, (Feb 19, 2024, Northern Ireland; UK)
  • News “I am a window of opportunity”: Plymouth’s innovative social enterprise sector comes up with Vacancy Atlas, redefining the high street, Daily Alternative (Feb 08, 2024, Plymouth; South West England; UK)
  • News E-bikes are freewheeling through rain and over hills, with huge promise for sustainable transport in rural tourist areas, (Feb 06, 2024, Cumbria; North West England; UK)
  • News The Real Front Line, Alternative Editorial (Feb 04, 2024, Edinburgh; Scotland; UK)
  • News Green Football Weekend: Newark & Sherwood United - the vegan non-league club doing things differently, (Feb 03, 2024, East Midlands; UK)
  • News Renewables produce more than 100% of Scotland's electricity demand for first time, (Jan 26, 2024, Scotland; UK)
  • News The community buyout projects leading Scotland’s self-help revolution, (Jan 01, 2024, Edinburgh; Scotland; UK)
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