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  • ‘A disgrace’: more than 100 trees cut down in Plymouth despite local opposition, The Guardian (Mar 15, 2023, Plymouth; UK)
  • Something radical is happening in Hastings. It might just tell us how to solve Britain’s empty homes problem, (Mar 03, 2023, East Sussex; UK)
  • London to offer free school meals to all primary pupils for a year, The Guardian (Feb 19, 2023, London; UK)
  • The ‘bin-novative’ approach to rubbish that’s slashing beach litter, (Feb 16, 2023, Dorset; UK)
  • The people bringing future generations into the climate fight, (Feb 16, 2023, Wales; UK)
  • All major road building projects in Wales are scrapped, BBC News (Feb 14, 2023, Wales; UK)
  • What do we think of when we think of luxury? A Walthamstow cafe that does magic with salvaged surplus food profoundly answers the question, The Daily Alternative (Feb 07, 2023, Walthamstow; UK)
  • ‘We create changemakers’: the new UK college dedicated to climate crisis, The Guardian (Feb 11, 2023, Wales; UK)
  • Plymouth residents fight to save trees, Wicked Leeks (Feb 08, 2023, Plymouth; UK)
  • Alter Natives: Deana Wildgoose from the Coalville CAN, on the creativity and joy released when communities take over buildings, The Daily Alternative (Jan 11, 2023, Leicestershire, East Midlands; UK)

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