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Useful Tips Content and Format Suggestions
  • Have an idea that isn't fully developed? Short on time? Create a brief article stub. You and others can grow it over time.
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Appropedia has no hard content or format rules, just suggestions:

  • A brief description of a technology and its uses.
  • Regional considerations such as climate, locating raw materials, etc, as well as cultural, social and political context.
  • A materials list, including possible alternative materials
  • Simple how-to sections for building or using a technology or material
  • Possible alternative approaches when building or using a technology
  • Common mistakes to avoid in building or using a technology
  • Photographs and diagrams for more interesting, informative content
  • Case study of a technology being used

Notes[edit | edit source]

  1. Take a look at Recent changes (linked in the navigation bar at the left) to see the tool that the regulars use to notice new content.
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