Appropedia allows anyone, registered or not, to view and edit pages. Registering (did we mention Free Registration?) allows you to create your own login ID and provides several benefits to you and to the community.


  • You and others will be able to easily see which page changes were made by you, and which were made by others.


  • On your user page, you are not subject to the "neutral point of view" guidelines of Appropedia. That is, you can express opinions or make endorsements that might be out of place in an article.
  • You can "tell your story", describing what makes you interested, even passionate, about sustainable development and appropriate technology. We encourage this!
  • You can describe your related areas of expertise so that you can be a resource for others or simply so that they can understand the perspective of your content and edits


  • One handy feature is the watchlist, which makes it easier for you to track changes to pages you are interested in.
  • Adjust the look, feel and time of Appropedia with your user preferences..

Networking and Communication:

  • Creating a login enables you to create a user page with information you want to share. Contact info, experience, blog links, etc.
  • Others can communicate with you by leaving messages on your "User talk" page. Other users can email you by clicking the email this user link (which appears in the toolbar at left when viewing user pages) without your email being exposed.
  • Conversations on your "User talk" page have the distinction of being relatively persistent (you can remove conversations if you wish) as well as being viewable and joinable by the larger community.

It's Easy:

  • Registration takes 13.2 seconds. You can choose "remember me", and you won't need to type your login each time you visit from the same computer.

If you're just going to fix a single typo or ask one question, it's not so important. On the other hand, if you're dropping by regularly or plan to contribute content, we invite you to create an ID so that we can welcome you!

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