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Clarifying license[edit source]

"Norris McDonald, President of AAEA, has kindly offered their pages and ongoing policy work to be ported to Appropedia."

This is excellent, as they have a lot of interesting material, and certainly have some different points of view from most environmentalists - and diversity of opinion is healthy.

However, I just want to confirm - I hope AAEA understands the nature of the wiki and that they've confirmed they are releasing it under an open license, which means all contributions are free to be ruthlessly edited by anyone (though of course the good contributions are more likely to last). We should have this permission in email or written form, to avoid any ambiguity or misunderstanding.

Presuming they're okay with that, we'll make up an AAEA banner - something like the blue box on Rainwater urban design and infrastructure giving attribution for content from the International Rivers Network. --Chriswaterguy · talk 06:27, 28 October 2007 (PDT)

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