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Kendra Doutt

-I am a Senior at Clarion with a major in Secondary Education-Biology. After graduation I plan on teaching for a few years and then returning back to school to receive my Masters in Administration. I enjoy doing anything outdoors and exercising. I am very creative and seem to always have ideas rolling around in my head.

Interests in the Environment[edit | edit source]

-I am concerned about global warming and climate change.

-I am interested in alternative energy sources.

-I hope that one day everyone will try to become more aware of their environment and how important it is.

The Inconvenient Truth[edit | edit source]

-Everyone needs to watch this movie. Al Gore does a phenomenal job at explaining what humans are doing to inevitably destroy the environment and the planet.

-This is an excellent website to look at

Inconvenient truth.jpg

Syriana[edit | edit source]

-This film focuses on the petroleum politics as well as the global influence of the oil industry. This film portrays all of the shadyness and backstabbing that can occur within a family, country, and company. George Clooney and Matt Damon are excellent!


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