Kiley Passaretti[edit | edit source]

I am a Sophmore at Clarion University. I am currently majoring under Business Undecided leaning towards Marketing and/or Management, but my true passion is fashion! I am from a small town but love the big city, therefore I plan on moving as SOON as I get out of college. Right now I am working at Banana Republic and a public pool located where I live.If you want to know anything else just IM me, Kiley90p32 :)

Thoughts on the Environment[edit | edit source]

I'm not going to lie, as much as I want to know get more involved with the environment, I am 
currently clueless. I do recycle, and I love being outdoors as much as I can, but there is 
so much more that I could be doing, I hope to learn what those things are. Hopefully this 
class will help to improve my little knowledge I have for this subject, I'm open to anything!

Things I Love..[edit | edit source]

  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • C O L L E G E
  • Music (any kind except folk, and country, although I do love me some Taylor Swift.)
  • Sleeping
  • Shopping!!
  • Text Messaging
  • Dancing
  • Giving Advice
  • Smiling
  • Making people laugh
  • Tennis
  • Fashion
  • $ Money $
  • My heritage ((Syrian && Italian)
  • the colors black & red.. (Pink EW)
  • [[1]]

Television[edit | edit source]

My Friends :)[edit | edit source]

G O A L S[edit | edit source]

My biggest (and basically the only major goal I have right now) is to get through college and be successful! I don't want to have to rely on my husband (if I ever get married) to support me. I want to make money, and a lot of it, on my own. Being independent is a big part of who I am, although at times I am very naive. I trust to much but at the same time don't let people in, and am very indecisive. Nevertheless I fun outgoing person who loves to have a good time, and who cherishes her friends more than anything!

Discussion[View | Edit]

Welcome![edit source]

Hi Ki Pass,

Welcome to the Appropedia wiki. Please make yourself at home! If you need a general wiki-tutorial, Wikieducator has some excellent ones.

Check your preferences and be sure you verify your email address and turn on email notification if you'd like it -- you can find out when your talk page, or any page on your watchlist, is modified. You may want to upload a photo or information about yourself to your userpage (which is at Pass, or this link).

If you have a particular interest or project in mind, go ahead and start it! Feel free to leave me a note on my talk page if you have further questions, need help finding your way around, have a cool idea for a project, or just want to chat. You can also call, text, or email me anytime; contact information is on my user page.

Glad to have you here!


Hurricane katrina[edit source]

Hi Ki Pass,

Thank you for your excellent additions to Appropedia. Should I delete Hurricane katrina, or do you have future plans for that page?

Thank you, --Lonny 20:30, 26 October 2007 (PDT)

Your 2021 impact stats are right here![edit source]

Let's recap.png

Hi Kiley! We thought you may want know that your top performing pages so far are:

  1. Heat pump system (1 533 page views) Update!
  2. Emergency childbirth (1 523 page views) Update!
  3. Notgeburt (1 420 page views) Update!
  4. Beta radiation (346 page views) Update!
  5. Gamma radiation (330 page views) Update!

Overall, your impact has been of 5,225 page views, woozaa!

Also, your user page has received 210 visits! People are interested in knowing more about you, edit your user page to tell the world what you've been up to.

Thanks for your contributions and for making Appropedia great, have a merry green Christmas!!

The Appropedia Team

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