Who am I[edit | edit source]

Hello everyone. My name is Matthew Lepley and I am a sophomore at Clarion University. I'm majoring in Biology and I will be going for a marine biology degree. I hope to get a job where I can study sharks and or work at a zoo. I am a very easy going person and can work with anyone. I love the out doors. I live in the Laural Mountains which are very beautiful. I always go hicking, fishing, camping and swimming. I also love to travel I have been to Haiti, Cuba, Mexico, Canada, and all over the United States. I plan on going to Germany, Polland, Slovokia, and Ukraine this winter. I hope to see really how bad we are polluting the earth by going to some of these places.I hope by taking this class I will find new ways to help me and my parents to save energy, money and to also find out how the common person can make a big difference.

Interests about the Environment[edit | edit source]

  • I am very concerned about us trying to get a new energy source. I think it is very important to us and our children to find a new source of energy.
  • I am also concerned about climate change and global warming.
  • I hope someday the average person will be more aware about the environment around them.