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Name gary miller
Affiliations Pennsylvania Western University Clarion
Registered 2007
Impact 1,666
Contributions Natural Sequence Farming
America's Wetlands
Amorphous silicon solar cell

About Me Many aspects of the earths' energy and its environment interest me. How the earth is run and controlled by this invisible force is fascinating and I'm excited to learn more about it through this course. The environment of the earth has caught my attention since I can remember. I have always been an outdoors person with being a hunter and fisherman. Scenery of the forest and rivers has been an interst of mine every time I see it. Other than loving hunting and fishing I have many other skills. I like to do math, since it is my major, and figure out problems using numbers. Also sports have been a huge part of my life ever since I could pick up a ball. Through my life I have made many goals that I am going to accomplish. Finishing college is a major goal that I would like to achieve. After finding my career, I am going to go for my masters degree. After things start falling into place for me I would like to get married to my girlfriend and have a few kids but not after I finish what I need to accomplish first.

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