Past Work[edit | edit source]

Clarion University of Pennsylvania Assistant Professor of Physics[edit | edit source]

Coordinator of Sustainability: Science and Policy Program[edit | edit source]

The Clarion University Sustainability: Science and Policy Program is meant to introduce undergraduate students to the concept of sustainability and provide them with both the scientific foundation and policy tools necessary to effect real-world positive change. This program is closely related to the work of the Pennsylvania Consortium For Interdisciplinary Environmental Policy I developed a course to anchor the program called PH261:Physics of Energy and the Environment. It was offered for the first time online in Fall 2007 and I incorporated Appropedia directly into the curriculum.

Coordinator of Nanotechnology[edit | edit source]

Nanotechnology is one of the most powerful scientific tools we have developed. Information about the Clarion nanotech program can be found here.This program was grounded in PH261, which also utilized Appropedia.

Greening Universities[edit | edit source]

Clarion U. will now have all future buildings LEED certified. At Penn State I did a lot of work with the great organization called the Green Destiny Council. Particularly with the Mueller Project, acting as the coordinator and helping support the ESCO program.

Agrima Device Solutions[edit | edit source]

I co-founded Agrima Device Solutions LLC. It is a partnership between specialists in nanowires, nanotubes and a photovoltaic physics devices. We are in the process of developing a disruptive alternative to currently available solar photovoltaic devices that rely on large amounts of expensive, rigid, and often toxic materials. In the first phase of our collaboration our goal is to design, develop, and fabricate high efficiency nanostructure-based solar cells from silicon nanowires.

Solar Cell Demonstration and Education[edit | edit source]

  • It is not enough just to do research - we have to start implementing sustainable solutions to the world's problems.

At Clarion we have two demonstrations - this one for a small residential tracking system funded by the Solar Scholars Program -- and a huge BIPV system for our new green LEED Science and Technology Center currently under construction.

Expanding Appropedia to Other Languages[edit | edit source]

With collaboration with User:E.terHorst

Key Resources for Students:

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First pages to translate[edit | edit source]

At the same time concentrate on pulling in organizations from Germany and getting them to join - porting their information back into English.

For non-IS students[edit | edit source]

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Queen's University Past work[edit | edit source]

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