This is a series of five fully annotated Power Point presentations created for the solar energy community to assist in the dissemination of information about solar photovoltaic (PV) cells in 2006. They have been updated by students in MECH820, a graduate engineering course in photovoltaic materials, devices, and systems in 2010. In order to make these presentations more accessible the updates have been transformed to odp, an Open Office format. You can download Open Office for free here.

  • The first presentation "Solar Photovoltaic Physics" Solar1 (ppt), which is the most technical, covers the science behind PV. Solar1.pdf, odp
  • The second presentation "Engineering Photovoltaic Systems I" Solar2 (ppt) is about the basic engineering of photovoltaic systems. Update: Solar2-2010.pdf, odp
  • The third presentation "Engineering Photovoltaic Systems II" Solar3 (ppt) is meant to underscore the flexibility of solar photovoltaic modules to provide clean renewable energy for a number of applications. Update: Solar3-2010.pdf, odp
  • The fourth presentation "Economics of Photovoltaic Systems" Solar4 (ppt) discusses the economic impacts of solar photovoltaic cells – from the cost to install a system to their effects on energy related employment and the national economy. Update: Solar4-2010.pdf, odp Please note that due to the rapid decline in PV costs - this slideshow is out of date and will need to be updated -- current module costs are <$1/W --Joshua 07:15, 26 March 2012 (PDT)
  • The fifth presentation "Environmental and Social Impact of Solar Photovoltaics", Solar5 (ppt) covers the environmental impacts of solar photovoltaic cells and compares them to some of the impacts from conventional fossil-fuel derived energy. Update: File:Solar5-2010.ppt, Solar5-2010.pdf, odp
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Please feel free to use all or parts of this presentation for your own classes. College and University professors can use the presentations as they stand or expand on the introductory material covered here. Those teaching high school or grade school can borrow the slides that fit your curriculum and remove those that are too advanced for your students. Please share any corrections, modifications or additions that you make with the solar community as well.--Joshua M. Pearce 08:07, 7 November 2007 (PST)

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Updates[edit source]

Because of the size limitation on Appropedia - I uploaded some of the updated files to Scribd: Here is the list of updates to:

Presentation 1[edit source]

No changes

Presentation 2[edit source]

Revision history

Slide 1


Slide 2


Slide 3

Re Phrased for clarity

Slide 4

-Re-organized for clarity

slide 6

-Added blurb about pumped water storage

Slide 9

-added information on slide about pumped water storage

Slide 11

Added that generator will be activated if load exceeds the energy avialble from PV

slide 15-22

Added slides talking more in-depth about grid tied systems, and solar farms. Still contains original slides on examles of grid-tied systems and explanation of net-metering

slide 23

-Clarified difference between power and energy

-Added a reference to the sandia sheets

slide 24

-Said you could use your hydro bill to size a system which will offset your house

slide 29

-added reference to sandia spreadsheets

slide 30

-noted that the system voltage is dictated by inverter selection

slide 31

-reference to RETscreen for PV sizing

Slide 35

-clarified that the A-Hr/day was derived from the previous load analysis

slide 38

-Information on inverter sizing for grid tied

Presentation 3[edit source]

List of Changes

Slide 9: Added example of recent product and installation time

Slide 15: Wal-Mart solar update

Slide 30: Added

Slide 31: Added

Slide 34: Added

Slide 41: Nothing found on solar powered rail system in Holland (so removed from notes)

Presentation 4[edit source]

  • updates in talk page of file on appropedia server

Presentation 5[edit source]








New Slide


Changed American use to 11 000 instead of 9 000, updated link to support change


Check for price change but determined still the same price


Added that it was USD


New Slide


New Slide



Checked solar buzz and values are still in agreement


New Slide


New Slide

New Slide


New Slide


New Slide


New Slide


New Slide


Change number of jobs


Added my name

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