My boyfriend took this picture while on our road trip. We were at Arches National Park, UT, hiking on the Devil`s Garden Trail.

I am a sophomore at Cal Poly Humboldt. My major is Environmental Resources Engineering. I currently have an on campus internship with the Humboldt Energy Independence Fund (HEIF) and I will be installing hydration stations around the campus with my partner. After I graduate from HSU I hope to get a job working with renewable energy, mainly solar. Before starting into the workforce, I would like to volunteer with the Peace Corps.

Interests in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Building something that will function properly
  • Working with renewable energy
  • Coming up with ideas or inventions that will help make the world more sustainable

Experience in Engineering[edit | edit source]

  • Building a Rube Goldberg machine
  • Experience working with a basic hydrogen fuel cell
  • Apiculture Senior Learning Project (SLP) in high school
  • Engineering Design project (The Abundant Free Food Kiosk, ENGR 215)

Megan`s website link[edit | edit source]

Portfolio[edit | edit source]

Below are several examples of professional writing that I have completed during my time at Cal Poly Humboldt pursuing a bachelor`s of science degree in Environmental Resources Engineering.

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