This page summarizes physical characteristics of commercially available ground mount racking units for solar PV systems. Please feel free to help us fill it in.

Specifications[edit | edit source]

Table of Ground Mount Racking Systems
Racking System with ref. to spec. Manufacturer Degrees of Freedom (fixed, multi, 1 axis, 2 axis) Type (pole mounted, trays, etc) Ground Clearance (m) Height (m) Materials (weight/m2 PV) Notes
Sunwize 950SWUSA-104 Universal Multi-Module Adjustable Roof and Ground Mount - 104 Inch Rail Sunwize 1 axis adjustable tilt 25-55(deg) ground mount, up to 5 landscape modules <.5m 1.1m - 2.2m brushed aluminum, 18.5 lbs Sunwize Universal Ground Mount

$248.63, possible reflector

3 module - utility scale 72 cell module - Crystalline AP Alternatives Fixed - 10°, 15°, 20°, or 25° ground mount, 3 landscape modules .79m 2.13m High strength steel, cable wiring AP Alternatives 3 Module Ground Mount

Pre-panelization/pre-wiring, minimal field work, 1m anchor, wiring system for strength, snow load 25psf,

T6 ground mount system Applied Energy Technologies 1 axis adjustable pivot - multiple angles Pole mounted, 2 portrait mounted rows, up to 28 modules wide .6m - 1m 1.3m - 3.5m Aluminum frame, galvanized steel posts Applied Energy Technologies Pole Mount

4 posts for every 28 modules, fits all major solar panels

WaveRack Ground Mount Brittmore fixed tilt 5° - 35° post mounts, 3 landscape modules, driven post ground screw <1m 3m grade 50 structural steel, hot dip zinc Brittmore WaveRack

14m2 between posts, shuttle for installation, all hardware included, snow load 30psf,

Power-Fab Large Ground Mount system DPW Solar, Solar Panels Plus capable of any fixed tilt angle steel posts and module frame, 2 - 6 landscape modules, x amount wide adjustable, as low or as high as needed adjustable, varies with amount of modules steel piping, steel frame, stainless steel module clamps and hardware, aluminum rails DPW Large Ground Mounts

TIG welding may be necessary, smaller foundations, high strength and reliability

*GC Ballasted Ground System GameChange Racking 15°, 20°, 25°, 30° tilt angles ground mount, no soil penetration - all on surface, landscape or portrait modules .5m -.7m approx. 2m G90 or G140 galvanized, hot dip and stainless steel components GameChange Ground Mount

$0.179/watt, concrete cinder blocks to secure to ground

IronRidge Ground Mount System IronRidge 0° - 45° steel pipe anchor, landscape or portrait modules approx..5m 2.7m - 3.4m aluminum, cast steel ASTM A216, 40 pipe, stainless steel fasteners IronRidge GMS

approx. $0.56/watt, local hardware and materials, snow load 90psf, 150mph wind speed (category B,C,&D)

Jupiter Ground Mount System Orion Solar Racking fixed - 5°, 10°, 15°, 20° ground mount, 5 rows of landscape modules, x amount of columns, adjustable to specific needs without exceeding 18m .5m<x<20m 22-55 lb/m2, aluminum alloy, stainless steel 304 Jupiter Ground Mount System

concrete blocks, ground screws or buried concrete for foundation, snow load <1.4N/m2

Sun Bear Ground Mount Panel Claw fixed - 20°, 25°, 30° ground mount, landscape - 60 cell modules 4x4 or 4x2, 72 cell 4x3 or 4x2 1m minimum approx. 6m aluminum, stainless steel 304, galvanized steel, and hot dip g. steel Sun Bear Ground Mount

snow load 50psf, accommodates for thermal growth and contraction

Patriot Solar Fixed Pole Mount Patriot Solar Group fixed - 20°-80° top of single pole mount, 4x4 landscape modules <2m approx. 4m steel pole, aluminum racking Patriot Fixed Pole Mount

snow load 40psf, manually adjustable

*300i Series Post Driven Ground Mount Patriot Solar Group adjustable 1 axis tilt from center of module - 10°-40° ground mount, one section contains 1 row of 5 modules portrait, # of sections depends on costumer .8m - 1m 1.7m - 1.8m 370lbs + 250lbs per added section, glavanized rails and electroplated powder coated truss and post (aquence 930 coating) 300i Series data sheets

up to 100 sections wide - 5 modules a section,

Ground Mount Solar RBI fixed - 0°-45° driven post, concrete pier, duel post, screw piles, concrete ballast, or spread footings - 3 landscape or 2 portrait modules .5m - 1.2m project specific high strength steel with corrosion protection RBI Ground Mount Solar

minimal field work, universal modules

Series 200 Ground Mount SnapNrack fixed - 0°-45° 4 rows of landscape modules, x amount of columns; concrete piers, ballast blocks, driven pipes, grade beams .6m .6m - 2.4m depending on tilt Schedule 40 or 80 galvanized pipe, 6000 series aluminum, stainless steel Series 200 Ground Mount

snow load 50psf, universal modules

Large Scale GMS **50kW or more** Sunlink fixed 15°-35° 3 or 4 rows of landscape modules, x amount of columns; steel I-beam .8m - 1.5m approx. 1.8m - 3.5m galvanized steel and stainless steel Large Scale GMS

universal modules

*TerraFarm Ground Mount TerraSmart fixed 5° - 45° up to 7 modules high and 12 long at landscape .3m - 1.2m .35m - 2.9m (approximate based on typical 162" long panel) galvanized steel (G90 or better) TerraFarm Ground Mount

snow load 80psf,

List of Solar Mounting Systems Manufacturers[edit | edit source]

A full list of all manufacturers of solar mounting systems can be found here:

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