DIY solar thermal collectors

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DIY solar thermal collectors
Description Solar thermal collectors collect heat from the sun and put it to a use. Solar thermal collectors can function as many different uses such as: solar thermal cookers, solar thermal dehydrators and solar thermal hot water heaters. This page gives several examples of each of these examples.
Intended use Solar cooking, dehydrating, hot water heating
Keywords Solar thermal collector, sunlight, solar cookers, solar cooking, solar thermal dehydrator, solar dehydrator, solar thermal hot water heater, solar hot water heating, water heating, food cooker, thermal energy, sun, food dehydrator, passive solar
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Solar thermal collectorsW are apparatus designed to collect the thermal energy of the sun.


Galleries of various uses of constructed solar thermal collectors.


Solar thermal collectors functioning as food cookers


Solar thermal collectors functioning as food dehydrators

Hot Water[edit]

Solar thermal collectors functioning as hot water heaters



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