How to use this Dictionary[edit | edit source]

This encyclopedic dictionary is comprised of up-to-date and authoritative definitions of terms used in renewable energy. This dictionary is thoroughly cross-referenced for ease of use and to provide for the most thorough understanding of each term.

The terms are organized alphabetically. Each term is printed in bold type and capital letters. Some terms are hyperlinked to pages with more information. The term is followed by a parenthetical classification reference. Some terms have more than one reference, which helps to clarify the ways in which they can be used.

Some words within the definition are also in capital letters. These are words that are defined elsewhere in the dictionary. Subsequent use of these words within the same definition is in lower case letters.

Each alphabetic section and each word is followed by an edit link. Clicking this will allow editing of the definition, inclusion of a link or adding a new word that follows alphabetically the word which you edit. Make sure to follow the same format as the previous word.

At the end of each definition are translations of the term itself into French and Spanish. The preferred usage is listed first, with secondary or less common usages following. The preferred term is the one that appears in the other language section.

For example:

ABSORPTANCE (sol) (meas). The ratio between the SOLAR RADIATION absorbed by a surface and the total amount of solar radiation that strikes it.

F - absorptance; coefficient d'absorption
S - coeficiente de absorcion

Second reference

This is a measurement (meas) term used in the field of solar (sol) energy. The term "Solar Radiation" is defined in the "S" section of the dictionary. The primary translation of this term into French is "absorptance," though in some French documents, the term "coefficient d'absorption" may be found. The translation of this term into Spanish is "coeficiente de absorcion."

Definition of Abbreviations[edit | edit source]

Agri Relating to agriculture.

Alc Alcohol production or alcohol fuels.

Ani Relating to animal power.

Arc Archaic. Terms that are outdated but are still useful.

Auto Relating to internal combustion engines or automobiles.

Bio Relating to the field of biological science or a biological substance.

Biocon Relating to bioconversion. Includes methane and woodfuel.

Chem Relating to the field of chemical science or a chemical substance.

Constr Relating to construction methods, materials, and structures.

Elec Relating to the production and use of electricity.

Fos Relating to fossil fuels.

Gen General terms, which may apply to various areas of energy, particularly renewable energy technologies.

Geo Geothermal power concepts and applications.

Heat Relating to heating or the use of heat for space heating and to produce other forms of energy.

Hydr Relating to water and the application of water power. Also closed hydraulic systems, which may use fluids other than water.

Impl Implement. Tools, utensils, or devices that work in conjunction with other equipment.

Meas Measuring instruments, scales, or types of measurement.

Ocean Methods or devices for extracting energy from the ocean.

Prod Relating to producer gas.

Refrig Relating to refrigerants or methods of refrigeration.

Sol Relating to the field of solar energy.

Wind Relating to wind power or other aspects of air movement.

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