Plant based protein powders
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Cite as Citation reference for the source document. Burghardt, K.; Craven, T.; Sardar, N.A.; Pearce, J.M. Towards Sustainable Protein Sources: The Thermal and Rheological Properties of Alternative Proteins. Foods 2024, 13, 448. Academia OA preprint

Reducing meat consumption reduces carbon emissions and other environmental harms. Unfortunately, commercial plant-based meat substitutes have not seen widespread adoption. In order to enable more flexible processing methods, this paper analyzes the characteristics of commercially available spirulina, soy, pea, and brown rice protein isolates to provide data for nonmeat protein processing that can lead to cost reductions. The thermal and rheological properties, as well as viscosity, density, and particle size distribution, were analyzed for further study into alternative protein-based food processing. The differential scanning calorimetry analysis produced dry amorphous-shaped curves and paste curves with a more distinct endothermic peak. The extracted linear temperature ranges for processing within food production were 70–90 °C for spirulina, 87–116 °C for soy protein, 67–77 °C for pea protein, and 87–97 °C for brown rice protein. The viscosity analysis determined that each protein material was shear-thinning and that viscosity increased with decreased water concentration, with rice being an exception to the latter trend. The obtained viscosity range for spirulina was 15,100–78,000 cP, 3200–80,000 cP for soy protein, 1400–32,700 cP for pea protein, and 600–3500 cP for brown rice protein. The results indicate that extrusion is a viable method for the further processing of protein isolates, as this technique has a large temperature operating range and variable screw speed. The data provided here can be used to make single or multi-component protein substitutes.

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