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Ray Taylor
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ALLFED is a nonprofit focused on feeding everyone in the case of a global catastrophe.

ALLFED plants[edit | edit source]

There are three categories of ALLFED plants:

  1. Those that are commonly cultivated now so we can get leaf protein concentrate from them right after a catastrophe. The top 30 are shown below, which go down to the bottom crops being 0.3% of the total global resource: wheat, rice, maize, alfalfa, sugarcane, mixedgrass, soybean, barley, forNES, maizefor, cotton, sorghum, grassNES, rapeseed, oilpalm, onion, groundnut (peanut), millet, sunflower, banana, rye, clover, oats, legumeNES, bean, cassava, potato, sugarbeet, grape, coconut (copra meal—left over from processing of coconuts to oil), and plantains.
  2. Cool tolerant crops that can be grown in the tropics in nuclear winter, and are also low cost per calorie: potato, sugarbeet, barley, wheat, and canola.
  3. Crops that would grow in greenhouses in nuclear winter tropics, which will probably be the non-cool tolerant crops for the rich (though rice and maize might not be too expensive).

Directory[edit | edit source]

Team Members[edit | edit source]

Name Position
David Denkenberger Director & Co-founder, Assistant Prof. Mechanical Engineering
Ray Taylor Co-founder, Food System Recovery & Preparedness
Sonia Cassidy Director of Operations
Al Hundley Director of Communications
Ariel Conn Media & Communications Consultant
Gareth Jones Crisis & Catastrophe Planning Consultant
Sahil Shah Specialist Advisor
Tim Fist Research Associate
James Throup Research Associate
Aron Mill Research Assistant
Juan García Martínez Research Assistant
Ross Tieman Research Associate
Amanda Cassidy Operations Assistant
Maciej Pilachowski HR Coordinator
Kyle Alvarado Graduate Researcher
Megan Jamer Communications Associate
Daisy Newbold-Harrop Project Coordinator
Finan Adamson Volunteer Consultant

Board of advisors[edit | edit source]

Name Brief bio
Martin E. Hellman Professor Emeritus Of Electrical Engineering At Stanford University
Jaan Tallinn Founding Engineer of Skype and Kazaa
Anders Sandberg Senior Research Fellow at the Future of Humanity Institute at the University of Oxford
Seán Ó hÉigeartaigh Co-Director of the Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk (CSER)
Robin D. Hanson Associate Professor of Economics at George Mason University

Research Associate at the Future of Humanity Institute

Carina Fearnley Director of the UCL Warning Research Centre
Sella Nevo Entrepreneur and Technologist
Prosenjit Ghosh Associate Professor at Indian Institute of Science Bangalore
Peter Alexander Senior Lecturer in Global Food Security at University of Edinburgh
Gorm Shackelford Former Research Affiliate at CSER (Cambridge Centre for the Study of Existential Risk)

Post-doctoral Research Associate in Zoology at Cambridge

Dr Talib E. Butt Senior Lecturer at the Northumbria University

ALLFED Research[edit | edit source]

Feeding Everyone No Matter What

Additional Information[edit source]

Davos IDRC Conference[edit source]

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