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  • Colombia's Medellin plants 'green corridors' to beat rising heat, Jul 28 [1]
  • France to capitalise on 'resounding success' of green renovation, Jul 22 [2]
  • Death toll rises and thousands flee homes as floods hit China, Jul 21 [3]
  • ‘Everything is on fire’: Siberia hit by unprecedented burning, Jul 20 [4] ...Russia
  • Politicians from across world call for ‘global green deal’ to tackle climate crisis, Jul 19 [5] ...Climate news 2021
#ThisIsCool - Making Sustainable Cooling a Reality
Author: SEforALL, June 1, 2021

Climate change solutions

Coming up[edit | edit source]

Aug 9 International Day of the World's Indigenous People, 2021, Mon

Aug 12 International Youth Day, 2021, Thu

Sep 15 Free Money Day, 2021, Wed

Sep 18 European Day of Sustainable Communities, 2021, Sat

Sep 21 International Day of Peace, 2021, Tue

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Community action for sustainability, or CASwiki, is information and knowledge sharing, but with a focus on what might be useful to community groups and active citizens. You can help. What can we do to make our communities more sustainable and in support of environmental, social and economic wellbeing?

Why grow CASwiki ?

"We start with the simple proposition that citizens should be able to influence decisions which affect the places and communities in which they live, work and visit."

Sustainability isn't just something for experts. It's about everyone's quality of life and we all have a part to play.

"... it was notable that the idea that having ‘agency’ (a sense of control over what happens in your local area), is a significant factor in people’s sense of wellbeing." [6]

CASwiki aims to help link up community and personal action for sustainability worldwide.

Knowledge sharing can help! It can help with finding contacts, making connections and networking. As well as information about places, CASwiki shares information and knowledge about many Community action for sustainability topics (what we CAN do - see right hand column) and Resources to help action.


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