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CASwiki news articles have a focus on news of community action for sustainability. This article is an offshoot from Towards sustainable economies and is for news and comment in that global or international context.

  • Politicians from across world call for ‘global green deal’ to tackle climate crisis, Jul 19 [1] ...Climate news 2021

2021[edit | edit source]

Guaranteed Income Increases Employment, Improves Financial and Physical Health, Mar 3 [2] ...California news

“Doughnut Economic” model arrives in California, Jan 26 [3]

2020[edit | edit source]

Building resilience in between the cracks of the economy, noelito, Oct 23 [4]

People want a fairer, greener Britain after Covid, inquiry reveals, Sep 16 [5]

How do community businesses that stepped up to COVID-19 hang togther? By becoming a Native-American-style patchwork quilt, Aug 15 [6] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news


The SEED grows: after 2 years of a basic income experiment, the residents of Stockton, Cal., are on the uplift, Jul 15 [7]

The mini-budget shows one thing: this government is still on the side of the rich, Christine Berry, Jul 8 [8]

Just 6% of UK public 'want a return to pre-pandemic economy', Jun 28 [9]

Top business leaders call on Boris Johnson to set out green recovery plan, Jun 1 [10] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news

Universal Basic Everything by @TessyBritton, May 30 [11]

Ballard Farmers' Market - vegetables.jpg

From TINA (there is no alternative) to TAPAS (there are plenty of alternatives!). Commons, and commoning, just keeps on bubbling up, May 27 [12]

Doughnut Economics crushes Death Star Economics. But, suggests Jon Alexander, there should be more creative people power in it, May 26 [13]

World health leaders urge green recovery from coronavirus crisis, May 26 [14]

The full impact of Finland’s UBI experiment is in - improving wellbeing, cognitive confidence, and a sense of personal control, May 5 [15]

In the world’s first ‘Coronavirus elections’, South Korea voted for climate action. In the first national elections in the time of Covid-19, South Korea’s Democratic Party won in a landslide – after putting forward a bold Green New Deal plan in their manifesto. Apr 23 [16]


Accessible local alternatives to Amazon Prime, Apr 23 [17] ...Towards sustainable economies US

Amsterdam: to embrace 'doughnut' model to mend post-coronavirus economy, Apr 8 [18]

Covid-19 economic rescue plans must be green, say environmentalists, Mar 24 [19]

Covid19 Emergency Is a Green One. The only emergence from the Covid19 Emergency is a green one: A message to European finance ministers to double down on European Green Deal as the economic response to the Corona-pandemic. By Sandrine Dixson-Declève, Hunter Lovins, Kate Raworth, Hans Joachim Schellnhuber. Club of Rome. Mar 20 [20] ...Europe news

Ontario’s 2017 Basic Income experiment was branded a failure by opponents - but the opposite is true, Mar 6 [21]

Launching the Civic Capital Movement by @DarkMatter_Labs, Jan 21 [22] ...Commons

“Funky around the edges, humanly fermented, alive”. How the Park Slope Food Coop makes a commons (and great produce), Jan 13 [23] ...New York City news

Four ways the RSA is supporting the community banking movement to make an impact, RSA, Jan 6 [24] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news

2019[edit | edit source]


Iceland puts well-being ahead of GDP in budget, Dec 3 [25]

A new economy is emerging from below. But we need to "change the rules" (and the system) to let it flourish, Nov 11 [26] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news

A Macedonian bee-farmer - “half the honey for them, half for us” - shows us what “de-growth” might feel like, Sep 14 [27]

The Amsterdam City Doughnut: Kate Raworth's model of a circular, carbon-neutral economy applied to the 'Dam, Jun 20 [28]

Imagining a new social contract, May 22 [29] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news


A new, collective business model for traditional crafts in Oaxaca, May 2 [30] ...Mexico

Is there a zebra in your community woodland? Apr 24 [31] ...Trees, woodland and forest UK

In an era of brutal cuts, one ordinary place has the imagination to fight back, Aditya Chakrabortty, Mar 6 [32] ...Lancashire

Good Work for Local Living Economies by @eldorn, Feb 18 [33] ...New York State

Putting banking back in the hands of the people, Jan 3 [34] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news

Nesta's 'ShareTown' interactive shows what a cooperative, tech-enabled economy might look like, Jan 3

2018[edit | edit source]

Place Royale et le Funiculaire (au fond), Québec, QC, Canada.jpg

Empowering Canada's Indigenous communities through coworking, Nov 12 [35]

Citizen-led Economic Transition – a four point framework for guiding action, Oct 27 [36] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news

If our every click boosts the profits of Big Tech, how should the people and communities benefit? UBI? UBA? Small Tech? Oct 19 [37]

Forget profit. It’s love and fun that drive innovation like Parkrun, Aug 29 [38] ...Towards sustainable economies UK news

Sustainable social care, Aug 23 [39]

How to test and deliver a Universal Basic Income, Aug 6 [40]

How Costa Rica gets it right on sustainability and wellbeing, says Nobel-prize-winner Joseph Stiglitz, May 7 [41]

How Cooperation Richmond is empowering marginalized communities to build an equitable economy, Mar 15 California news

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