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Social inclusion as used here includes economic inclusion or fairness.

What communities can do[edit | edit source]

  • Homeless projects
  • Fuel poverty projects
  • Sensory gardens
  • Multicultural events
  • Advocate expenses for volunteers, so that no-one should be out of pocket from volunteering, and it isn't something just for those that can afford it
  • Fairness audits

Events[edit | edit source]

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Jan 31 Street Children‘s Day, 2020: Fri

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Feb 20 World Day of Social Justice, 2020: Thu

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Mar 8 International Women's Day, 2020, Sun

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Mar 21 International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination 2020, Sat

Campaigns[edit | edit source]

  • Land Rights Now, Global Call to Action on Indigenous and Community Land Rights

Why it matters[edit | edit source]

Social inclusion, the converse of social exclusion, is affirmative action to change the circumstances and habits that lead to (or have led to) social exclusion. The World Bank defines social inclusion as the process of improving the ability, opportunity, and dignity of people, disadvantaged on the basis of their identity, to take part in society. W

Resources[edit | edit source]

  • The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better W

Video[edit | edit source]

News and comment[edit | edit source]


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May 1 Bank On San Francisco: Supporting community financial empowerment [1]

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Feb 25 The New Art of Making Friends and Finding Community [2]

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Jan 31 Finland: The city with no homeless on its streets [3]

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Jan 2 Social inclusion UK: Resolve to make 2019 a year of action, Jan 2 [4]


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Social inclusion UK: The Common Room — designing a future for all ages, Oct 2 [5]

Jun 11 Vinay Gupta: We can create a better society by making a floor that people can't fall beneath [6]


Richest 1% own half the world's wealth, study finds, Nov 14 [7]

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Italy: Castelbuono, the Sicilian town where young Africans are the hope for the future, Nov 6 [8]

Allotments - Sheffield.jpg

Social inclusion UK: UK's first report on Universal Basic Services published, Oct 11 [9]


Austria: The city that solved homelessness, Jun 28 [10]

How Can We Rouse the Public Against an Abstract Noun? Tips for fighting inequality from a top Oxfam campaigner, Jul 5 [11]

Is inequality bad for the environment? Jul 4 [12]

Colorado: 5 Ways the Denver Public Library Supports the City's Homeless Population, Jun 8 [13]

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US news: Cities are taking a new approach to homelessness, Apr 4 [14]


"We can’t go on ignoring inequality", Stephen Hawking, Dec 1 [15]

Strawberry Patch Park 2009.jpg

How Mississippi Banks are Disrupting the Cycle of Poverty, Sep 12 [16]

62 people own as much as the poorest half of the world's population, according to Oxfam, January 18 [17]


Have We Finally Moved Beyond GDP? October 20 [18]

Poverty goals? No, it’s extreme wealth we should be targeting, Ocotober 19 [19]

Who are the 1%? The answer might surprise you, October 14 [20]


Inequality as Policy? Feb 09 [21]


United Nations adopts Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples W, September 13 [22]

See also[edit | edit source]

  • local information can be found, or shared, via our many location pages

Interwiki links[edit | edit source]

Wikipedia: Social exclusion, Economic inequality (category)

External links[edit | edit source]

  • Sal's shoes, charity that finds new feet for predominantly preloved children's shoes. [23]
  • Global Justice Now, formerly known as the World Development Movement (WDM), is a membership organisation in the United Kingdom which campaigns on issues of global justice and development in the Global South.
Key to Global Justice Now’s mission is to promote democratic alternatives, enliven public debate and attract more members of the public to global issues. W
  • Oxfam international, international confederation of 17 organisations working in approximately 94 countries worldwide to find solutions to poverty and what it considers injustice around the world. In all Oxfam's actions, the ultimate goal is to enable people to exercise their rights and manage their own lives. Oxfam works directly with communities and seeks to influence the powerful, to ensure that poor people can improve their lives and livelihoods and have a say in decisions that affect them. Each organization (affiliate) works together internationally to achieve a greater impact through collective efforts. W


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