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  • The Grassroots to Global Reckoning – Part 2, (Jul 14, 2022)
  • ‘It’s a beautiful thing’: how one Paris district rediscovered conviviality, The Guardian (Jul 14, 2022) — It started with an organised ‘bonjour’. Now the ‘republic of good neighbours’ say they want to reclaim the streets
  • Paris's standing Citizens Assembly has real teeth, shaping policy and laws - and is part of a quiet revolution, The Daily Alternative (Jul 04, 2022)
  • A New Media Sensibility, Alternative Editorial (May 29, 2022)
  • Cities need to be redesigned for the climate crisis. Can they make us happy, too?, (Mar 28, 2022)
  • Local citizens’ assemblies in the UK: a second report card, (Mar 25, 2022)
  • Cities must listen to people to find solutions for climate impacts: stories from Cape Town, The Conversation (Feb 14, 2022)

2021[edit | edit source]

In Austria, they’re using the symbolic power of the Round Table to revitalise community democracy, Nov 27 [1]

The "Convention Citoyenne" delivered some strong climate recommendations to President Macron. But the assembly could have gone a lot better, Sep 24 [2] ...Climate assemblies news and comment

"I wanted ordinary citizens to feel like they owned the chamber". A mindful review of ex-Mayor of Sheffield Magic Magid's The Art of Disruption, Mar 26 [3]

“When democracy is conducted at a human scale, it helps create what looks like superhuman wisdom.” How the state of Vermont does it, Mar 9 [4]

The Scottish Citizens Assembly has concluded - and one of its big proposals is a "House of Citizens", as a second chamber for Holyrood, Feb 8 [5]

2020[edit | edit source]

Cornmarket St, Oxford.jpg

Local people have had to improvise during the pandemic. Could their solutions stick? John Harris [6] Nov 22 ...Community involvement UK news

10 Ways to Rekindle Democracy, Oct 19 [7] Cormac's overarching thesis is that citizens must be at the centre of any authentic democratic response to the challenges we face.

If democracy looks doomed, Extinction Rebellion may have an answer, John Harris [8] Aug 30 ...Community involvement UK news

How do you "engage" with British attitudes, respecting their endless variety and nuance? (and its AI) can help [9] Jul 20

♥ Universal Basic Everything by @TessyBritton [10] May 30 ...Towards sustainable economies UK

♥ Doughnut Economics crushes Death Star Economics. But, suggests Jon Alexander, there should be more creative people power in it. [11] May 26 ...Towards sustainable economies news

The role of communities in mitigating the impact of Covid-19, Mar 3 [12] ...New Zealand

Global study finds ample evidence of a worrying ‘democratic recession’ [13] Feb 2

2019[edit | edit source]


Pop Up Tomorrow’ and a journey to 2030. A report. [14] Nov 8

Technology will not save us from climate change – but imagining new forms of society will. [15] Oct 28 ...Climate change solutions

Grassroots democracies form North American coalition. [16] Oct 23 ...Towards sustainable economies US

To fight climate change, science must be mobilised like it was in World War II. [17] Oct 21 ...UK Climate news 2014 - 2019

2010,Taipei, Daan Park, Taiwan.JPG

A Strong Democracy Is a Digital Democracy [18] Oct 17 ...Taiwan

Becoming Unstuck With Relational Activism [19] Oct 10 ...Community involvement UK news

A/UK has been working with Extinction Rebellion to develop a Future Democracy Hub, now launching [20] Sep 7 ...XR and future democracy

What would a new charter for radical democratic reform look like today? by @adamjlent [21]

How to take over your town: the inside story of a local revolution [22] Jun 12

Flatpack-Democracy-inspired groups make advances in UK local elections [23] May 3

How the simple act of sharing a meal is creating community change [24] Mar 22 ...Community involvement USA

How Citizen University is building an army of civic leaders [25] Mar 18 ...Community involvement USA

Voting is just “entry-level democracy”, says Audrey Tang. After that, open data and deliberation [26] Feb 6 ...Taiwan

2018[edit | edit source]

Community-led commissioning - a new model [27] Nov 22 ...Community involvement UK news

Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester.jpg

Oldham's Community Transformation, Nov 14 [28] ...Manchester

Commons: Strengthening and protecting what matters most by @CassieRobinson, Nov 2 [29] ...Commons

Platform consensus: How Stocksy achieves democratic governance, Nov 6 [30]

From Scotland, a proposal for a new level of self-defining community power: Development Councils, Nov 3 [31]

Poeticians, micro-utopias and citizens assemblies will renew democracy, Aug 26 [32] Community involvement UK news

This disastrous new project will change the face of Britain, yet no debate is allowed, George Monbiot, Aug 22 [33] ...Oxfordshire

Plaza uruguaya.jpg

Resident-managed sanitation board provides drinking water for residents in Paraguay, Aug 20 [34]

"Barcelona isn’t just a's a tide, which goes up & up & up and is unstoppable", May 6 [35]

Concordia University's discussion series brings Montreal residents together for shared learning, Jan 24 [36]

2017[edit | edit source]

Emerging Politics: Reflections from an Eroles Project Residency, Nov 21 [37]


In Jakarta, solving problems with new tech tools and people power, Oct 12 [38] ...Indonesia

Barcelona's Decidim Offers Open-Source Platform for Participatory Democracy Projects, Sep 5 [39]

Ecuador's "citizen revolution", Aug 7 [40]

Six ways to assert power beyond the ballot box, Paul Maassen, Jul 21 [41]

Madrid as a democracy lab, Jul 10 [42] ...Spain

Building the Networked City From the Ground Up With Citizens, Jun 27 [43] ...Barcelona

Madrid Shared Space.jpg

How Madrid's residents are using open-source urban planning to create shared spaces – and build democracy, Jun 27 [44] ...Spain

Experimental Community Organising – Transition Hungary, Jun 22 [45]

Co-operative places: the five foundations of local change, May 19 [46] ...Community involvement UK news

Meet g0v, the Open-source, Digital Community Transforming Democracy in Taiwan, May 16 [47]

Driving community change through campaigning: Open Democracy Project at the CC Summit, Apr 20 [48] ...Toronto

Yes, ‘govtech’ can change the way cities function. New lessons in open government from Paris. Apr 3 [49]

How Seattle Is Dismantling a NIMBY Power Structure, Apr 3 [50]

From ‘smart cities’ to ‘smart citizens’: when technology meets activism, Mar 29 [51]

Oak Cliff Inspiration, Mar 27 Texas

Tramway de barcelone 1.jpg

How Progressive Cities Can Reshape the World — And Democracy, Mar 10 [52] ...Barcelona

Eight lessons from Barcelona en Comú on how to Take Back Control, Mar 8 [53]

To engage citizens in planning technology must be matched with a participatory culture, Mar [54]

Cormac Russell on change that starts with communities, Jan 24 [55]

How to Create an Outdoor Living Room in Your Neighborhood, Jan 23 [56]

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